Monday, November 19, 2007

Steal my videos you're a dick.

Pacione at Gothicfest 2007

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I will go on a limb to say the lighting sucks on this thing, but this is the first time I am loading a video up. If you bastards go around stealing video from someone that is being dumb on your part, this thing could have been longer but I managed to get a minute, twenty seconds out of it. First time ever I did video on a site and I also posted this video on the Goth community too. When I go on the road I will do more video blogs. For instance if I am eating out somewhere I will do the video blog.
        It is a matter of time before I start getting the hang of the video camera part. I was using Myspace because it supports the video files that my camrea has. It uses an odd file ending so myspace is better for this. I have two videos on this thing and cleared out my memory card for more pictures and photographs. My throat was gone in this one for the most part but I was seeing how the video worked. I wish this thing was five minutes but the memory card I had didn't have much memory on it but it worked for its purpose. I will tar and feather the mother fucker who steals my video footage.