Sunday, September 23, 2007

leave. my. family. out. of. this.

Listen up and good to the people posting as me and the people who are making my address public. This is the exact reason why I am doing my post office box in Joliet. Creating a fake blog which impersonates me is just wrong enough as it is. Going around saying my book was free is wrong too because that is misleading too. I never made my book available for free either. I never made my phone number public either so whoever posted the phone number your ass is mine too. Posting my address -- you're going to be fair game too.


To anyone who is posting and making our telephone number and address public this needs to stop here and now. My husband and I now live in this house and we will not put up with this. There are 3 ill people in this home that Nick lives in. It is hard enough to take care of ill people. Have you tried to take care of 2 ill senior citizens? How about you spend more time with your family than trying to play high school games. We do not need to live in fear of our address being made public because you feel that you need to carry on some vendetta against Nick. Also to whoever thinks it is funny to call someones home and hang up, your phone numbers are now being automatically sent to our local police station as the numbers come in private. And we are prepared to file harrasment charges each and every time. We are tired of having our daily lives interupted because you think it is a funny thing to do. This is not Nick's home. Nick only stays here temporarily due to his former roomate. This all needs to end.

For the record about the whole apartment situation I left on my own because I was tired of footing the bill for the particular room mate in question. I was in the negative 95% of the time because I was constantly stuck paying some of her bills. The bill I was stuck with was the Comcast bill and that was in my name. I got that because I needed a phone in the house and when I left, it was on my own accord. Rusty Nail you're twisting the truth around on that one and this will be made clear in this blog, here and now.
    I will go on record that isn't my grandmother writing that message. That is one of my cousins. They've done nothing to you so leave them the hell alone.