Friday, December 21, 2007

Another one of my "fans"

"hey cocksock, we're sick of shirley pickin up the phone. answer your fuckin phone! what are u afraid of? your grandmother is a sweet ol' lady, but it's YOU we want to talk to. we just wanna have a few words, greasy. come outside. you dont think we let this slide, do you?

and whats this! we see you got published again. darkened horizons...tsk, tsk... spreadin the taint..... i guess we'll have to destroy that publication and its authors reputations. all because of you. or better yet, maybe we should pirate it; friends of yours are friends of ours on the inside, did you know that? damnation observes no one, you fuckin plagiarist pig! yours will be the first story we pirate from this collection.

were comin pachone. so shut 'em down!

-A Holiday Valentine"

Seems like this asshole has no respect for copyrights and you guys want to e-mail this pig, his address is I have one more anothology to edit and another story to write. I am still working on that novellette lengthed story, and will be hammering out a few stories for Darkened Horizons too -- I want to write something for issue five for that one. The server is coming form out the country here so I am thinking who did I piss off that was overseas. Threats of piracy this time to my short story that is previously unreleashed -- I think they should be more worried about the story that I published in issue six by Lloyd Campbell.
    Getting accepted left and right, this is where it is going to get fun. I think the more they get pissed off about it the more I think it is funny. My success with getting a story published here is just the beginnig. The fact I got my non-fiction book redesigned to my liking is going to piss them off all the more. Happy holiday's you morons, I am putting a betting block here -- and what to bet is Karen Koehler's career and the career of the asshole named Enck, now how many times can someone mispell "penis" in his own novel. He is going to be P-I-S-S-E-D about that one.
    As for that bitch named Jane Stolz, she can get on her knees and suck my Italian Sausage all night. Sad thing about you naysaying assholes, all your negative publicity is going to bite you hard in the ass. You're saying my past is getting caught up with me -- yeah right, all it is going to do is give me more stories to write about and yeah I am still writing despite what they say or do. As for Louise -- shut the hell up lady. What if one of my stories was to appear in an anthology with yours, what would you do -- encourage people to buy it or let people pirate it? Pop quiz lady, I've been professional with you and seen the shit you fucks are doing to my project on The Other Dark Place, and I will boycott Karen Koehler and Creeping Helmhock Press. RJ, you faggot -- you should have never listed your phone number for that little stunt you pulled. That isn't my artwork to do that too so you had no right to that mother fucker. I am looking to fuck your world up pal, leave a guy's artwork alone. There is more to this one and I am going to share the cunt's message on here for those of you wanting to see what the hell I put up with on a day to day basis.

"And this is the type of persona a "serious" publication wants to be affiliated with? May I jest!

Here is the email I just recieved from Pacione. There are three of them. You may want to re-think your ramification clause:

" didn't plagiarize my story. What made you think that? What the hell made you even think that. You area cunt and need to burn in hell for that remark. "

And number 2:

"Please kill yourself. I wish you were no longer around -- to accuse me of plagiarism, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!"

I believe that constitutes as a threat. I take threats very seriously.

And number 3:

"didn't plagiarize my story. What made you think that? What the hell made you even think that. You area cunt and need to burn in hell for that remark. FUCKING DIKE!"

So he copies and pastes and emails me with the firm belief that I am a lesbian. Also, I have to admit, anyone who supports writers that are homophobic do not interest me or (and if I may speak freely) the general census of the reading public.

I think you have a wonderful book here. I just can't for the life of me understand why any solid company would pick a notorious homophobic racist for a collection? I would advise researching the submissions and hence, the authors as well.

Pick up any H.P. Lovecraft book. ( Most notably,AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS) to further any doubts in Mr. Pacione's supposed "inspirations."

I'm sorry...but a person who threatens people's lives should not IMO be allowed to stain the reputations of real talented authors. I am not alone in my beliefs. This wonderful world of the internet will provide proof of that. Just type in: NICKOLAUS PACIONE in google. That will be enough I think to re-issue this steller book without the infection and let it encompass the readership it was set out to do so.'

I will say this much the person who are leaving these kind of reviews are not buying the books. These are the people who are quicker to believe a site like Encyclopedia Dramatica than the source who actually wrote the story themselves, and this is the kind of thing I will put on the table here. I want to see them try and put an anthology of their own together, no trying to harass the editors of the anthologies who put my stories in there. These are the assholes that don't dictate who publish the stories, it is the editor of the project who does and if they like the story -- it stays. These are the same fucks who go around trying to get pdf copies by befriending some of the other contributors, and this is an open letter to the other contributors -- tell these bastards who are asking for review copies to take a hike, and spend the $13.49 to get the print copy. This way they can pass the book around all they like. If it is in the pdf form then don't pass the book.
     The ones who have the most venom about the book is saved towards me and there is a response at the very top of the page here and you want an answer with that, look to the video or the still above because I expressed what I am going to say rather well when I say it here and they're two words. They are "Fuck You." Going around with your so called allegations of plagiarism, truth is I was on a reading sabbatical when I was writing Damnation Observes the only thing I was reading was my older works and I was bringing back some older characters with that story. As for the shitmonger The Rusty Nail, who happens to practice what they call yellow journalism. Leave the anthology alone if you hate my guts so much if you like the book buy a print copy if you want to go passing around. I am boycotting Creeping Helmlock Press and those who want to support the anthology I am in, you'd do the same thing. I want RJ Sevin to go broke becuase of his little stunt, that's right asshole I am going to sell your uncorrected proof for $300, and use that money to help stock my books up. Unsigned guys -- want a book that is a paperback for $300. It is without the introduction, either that or put it up a resale shop.