Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Koehler you CUNT!

I've seen her recent blog and I will say this, Koehler you're nothing but a cunt. I guess it is clear now you really hate my guts, the fact you don't mention me by name but I know you're mentioning me by the fact my myspace profile is private. The blog here is more my personal rants for fuck's sake. It is a public blog dealing with cunts like you who need to have your careers destroyed. You're nothing more than a glorified vanity press author. That's right your dirty little secret is in the open. SLAYERS flat out sucked, and should never even be considered for publication.
       You're coming on here to start a war, yeah that will happen and your career will be the casuality of it. Fuck your novels -- fuck your books, I hope you fucking go broke. I do smoke and yes I will blow my cigar smoke in your face. I guess you really have a lot of hate for me now, yeah that's right you do fucking hate me. I am giving you a better reason to hate me now. A little Wiccan who believes in To Harm None, yeah I am using your belief system against you here. What you do to fuck someone over is going to happen to you threefold.
       I make blasphemy of your personal dogmas. It is coming -- the wrath that will become the death of your career lady. You go around adding my real life friends just so you can get more dirt on me. That's "profressional." If you were any kind of profesisonal you would not use your blog to carry a grudge with me. You're lack of professionalism is astounding. You publish your projects, let me do mine in peace. CUNT this is America, it's my right to produce anthologies and speak like a fucking trucker. I read her book when it was available for free and I will say she sucked then and she sucks now.