Monday, October 29, 2007

the two signings

Gothicfest 2007 wasn't that bad at all as some people online would try to say, but it could have been a hell of a lot better if the crazy bitch didn't show up. I had managed to sell off all my Tabloid Purposes that I had at the event (If I had about 30 of those I would have made a killing.) The fact Fragmentation had a good set on Friday will also add to the fact I did sell a few copies too at this event -- I had just two copies of Tabloid Purposes IV there just as a test sort thing. I did the write up for Gothicfest 2007 on Associated Content and noticed a few dumb asses giving this thing a one star rating just to be a dick about it. The fact that some loser who stabbed me five times decided to get in contact with me via e-mail recently so I look at this with some perspective. Thinking it could really be the dick that stabbed me or some other jerk who went digging around my old website to see the information, either way these assholes don't have a life. I did notice these assholes are trying to go around stealing my old work and watermarking it -- do they honestly think that is funny. The fact they got my best friend involved with this shit now -- really, getting my own best friend involved with smearing my name. You're a bunch of lowlifes. The fact that my best friend of twenty plus years is involved now with the smear campaigns are going to be a nightmare waiting to happen. It's bad enough that The Other Dark Place tried really hard to ruin my career, the fact they got my best friend as a valuable tool working with them sucks. The reason being he's doing this is because I couldn't get him into the venue I was signing at for free.