Tuesday, October 30, 2007

finally got banned from Shocklines

Fuck you Nicholas Cook -- you fucking pussy. Showing your true colors you fucking gutless worm. Can't handle the fact you got your balls ripped off on the forum, you're barly a pubic hair in this business. Sucking off your brother's cock too long, fucking mother fucker. In this wide business, you're hardly a spermstain. What kind of damage can you do to someome's career, not as much as Crazy Michelle Russo. Talk to her about publishing you because between the two of you, you just might make a killing off her famous for being famous shit. I have to take a zing at my ex-room mate here for that matter too in the process. The only way you might be able to get published is get in her pants.
      The only way you can get far in this business is to hire a hit man and try to murder me or have me murdered -- that way you can get far with the blood money you made. The question is -- are you willing to result to murder just to get me out of the picture? Cockroach. You're nothing but a cockroach who goes around pissing on names of people who don't like the authors you read. Loser. Coattail riding bitch, playing the famous for being famous card. The fact the little fag won't let me promote my projects anywhere on there -- what the fuck is he really afraid of, me becoming more famous than him?