Thursday, November 8, 2007

Enck you fag

Stealing from a myspace blog, someone needs to shot you in the head like a rabid animal. The fact you wanted to get yourself into Tabloid Purposes IV just so you can steal the thing. You fat fuck, get a life you fucking loser. It is a good thing I am going to keep these assholes guessing on Supernatural Broadcasts. There will be no passages from this story being posted up there and I should have guessed that Enck was eating Koehler out. If you submit to his anthology you support e-piracy of any form. Those of you who support indie writers fuck that anthology he's putting out because it is going to crush under the weight of my three coming out this year.
     You're what they call a plant and sent by Koehler to be in Tabloid Purposes IV. You're a piece of shit who needs to go to hell. What kind of example are you really setting for your daughter, not a very good one if you ask me. Dick. For stealing all my blog posts on The myspace blog I shuold bill you $2000. Pig raper. The fact you think you are famous when really your not. Fucking fag, you have no respect for people's creative property you sack of fuck.
     As for Koehler -- fucking with me, I will be making funeral arrangements for your career. That's right get another occupation you fucking cunt. Did you get an STD when you were sucking Enck's dick? I bet you gargled while you were sucking his cock you fucking cuckhold.