Sunday, September 30, 2007

Send in the assholes

Damn, I got a signing or two coming up and already some asshole is trying to threaten the hell out of me to get me to stop a signing from happen. Yeah right. I am going to do signings and more are coming even if I have to do them in the rural areas first and work my way into the city. I realize the 815 alone is a large area and thinking Galena will be a good area to nail, never thought about that angle with where to go with this.
     The very fact that Valentine Vegen actually made his presence felt in my e-mail and christ it's getting old the fake sites -- what the fuck is next? Well I am going to press on and write new fiction, already started to write new short fiction and looking to get it placed around to different magazines. Send in the assholes and they're just getting even more lame by the moment. Trying to post my phone number on my very own guestbook you losers -- I am getting smart to it already. The fact some of you are going around posting my artwork and photos without permission, fuck's sake honor the copyrights of someone and not steal their creative properties -- I don't see a creative commons anywhere. Fuck you Creative Commons. Bastards have no respect for the standard copyright which my work is protected by. This is the fact that allows this kind of copyright when publishing a book in print and the next step is to get an Library of Congress number, and that is something that is well planned for some of the projects.
     Does it look like I have a creative commons on my blogs -- fuck off, I don't use that kind of copyright because I will eventually put my own blog to print and use to put it out there. The more venomous rants will be the ones that will be in print; the fact I can say what ever I damn well please on this pisses people off all the more. Here's to the assholes who pirated my non-fiction book, let's hear it for them -- those of you who want to send them endless hate mail the e-mail address to point it to is there. Send in the assholes, believe me they're fucking endless like zombies or cockroaches -- try to Nagasaki them, they keep coming back.
     They got highs in new lows when I did my annoucement on Nextcat about a Lake Fossil Press Babe, some asshole posted a fake site which had some fucking shemale humping a headstone. Jesus christ; schmucks. Son of a bitches have no life if you ask me -- and believe me, I am more than pissed right now I got some asshole calling me from another area code from out of state because some prick posted my phone number on myspace. This is getting more intense because this weekend is the weekend of cocksucker central, and yes I will call Valentine Vegan a cocksucker. I am starting to see a pattern with them the moment I get more promotion time with each book they foam at the mouth.