Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I am dealing with ignorant assholes

Another damn impersonator popped up, and I have to say whoever does that shit are a bunch of assholes. If you're trying to get a rise out of me -- I am doing all I can to keep a cool head about it. But sometimes seeing the impersonator -- that's a crock of shit along with the fucks who update the page on (yeah fuck you too there.) There are a lot of ingorant fucks in the world, and they say it is just the internet. Explain that to the families of the people who lost loved ones because of some asshole who turned out to be a neighbor. Here we are nearing the holidays and people are still acting like utter assholes.
    The internet is full of thieves despite all the new laws in effect. I guess fuckers like the asshole who are stealing my work will answer to justice sooner or later. People like Encyclopedia Dramatica will end up doing time for what they're doing because it is harassment. They do everything in their power to get people believing all the lies. A crock of bullshit when someone goes using a way back machine to find all the old files that are said to be lost in time. That thing came in handy with finding some of my older stories, but I had assholes like that fuck on The Rusty Nail who hides behind a fake name and using "journalism" to document my downfall. I am using a video camera to document theirs. Stealing from me is your downfall pal.