Thursday, August 5, 2010

Progress on a new story

Welll I am working on a sequel to a story, not just any story but the one that they wanted my blood for writing. I am putting the link to The Fandom Writer for those who want to read this one. That story is by far me at the meanest and rewriting the story three times over, each rewrite became more notorious than the original version I wrote six years ago. I can say this much the real person fiction community is going to HHHATTEE me for doing this one. But who cares, I am writing it because I know it needs to be done. I will say this much about the sequel it's going to make me notorious, as notorious as GAME OVER is going to be when it gets done.
     I will say this much with The Fandom Writer 2 -- I am not holding anythining back when it comes to writing this one. I will say this much, I wish James Fletcher took his head out of his ass when he took my words to heart because he was listening to he the trolls too much. So I am giving Fletcher an open invitation to respond to this via e-mail.