Monday, March 29, 2010

someone really got on my shitlist here...

Tess Tillman []

Oh and to answer your question, it's because you posted my name and email on your website without my permission.

When someone brags about getting my titles as E-books as in they're pirated -- it's my personal war against it because I see exactly what Metallica saw when they've seen their material being passed around on Napster. I got some everlasting cocksucker going around saying the I.O.W.A. story he wrote is my title -- and this is bullshit because I never released I.O.W.A. as a free read because of its size. I am careful who I show the new novella too. I am guessing she got the pirated copy from an asshole known as R. because the faggot rushed me in getting the memoir done -- I later found out the faggot passed around the e-book like a sexually transmitted disease. I am guessing these assholes on the forums who say "Avoid Me like the plague" knows nothing about the nazi-like book burnings or the people pirating my book like it belongs to them.
       For those liars saying AVARICE is a short story, it's not even online. It's a novel not a short story, and I am still working on this title. Seems like they go around every social networking website and chase me around everywhere. It shows that they're fucking assholes going around pirating every title I have out there and threatening to burn every book I got published in the recent years. I see that Tess is trying to say that she respects the fact someone wrote a book -- then celebrates the fact that people have the book without paying a dime for it. In turn she's stealing.
       I have no respect for anyone who steals from the mentally ill, the very fact that she brags that hundreds of people have the book without paying a dime for it -- how do you think I am supposed to feel when she said that. I am not happy about that, in fact, I am pissed. This is another set of e-mails from the book pirating CUNT.

Tess Tillman []

I'll make you a deal: You remove me from your Wall Of Shame and in return, I will delete the pdfs I have of all of your books. Deal? Oh, I printed out a copy of Eye In Shadows to show my friends at school so that will have to be destroyed too. If I throw it in the garbage someone will see it and pull it out! So that one sadly will have to be burned. Nothing of value will be lost, it's only that book.

So, do we have a deal Mr. Pacione?

My response to that kind of post. FUCK YOU! I have no respect for anyone who seeks a pirated copy of a book because it's stealing from the table of the writer who wrote it. That could be someone's electric bill or internet bill for that matter. Welcome to the wall of shame for even thinking of offering pirated copies of a memoir out there; you stole money from me with that little remark about bragging about owning a pirated book. I am willing to take a guess that you walk into movie theaters with a video camera or offered pirated copies of movies that aren't even theaters yet. I am willing to take all of this to the press explaining how this cunt brags about pirating books from a mentally ill man along with the fucks behind
      This is the reason why I stopped offering e-books in 2005. Some asshole bought the e-book and bit torrented the fucking thing. If you go around asking me for an e-book of my titles, go to hell and pay for the flesh and blood copies. If you want to support the small press, purchase the paperback. If you want to support the band, buy the CD. I got some fucking dyke going around saying she's e-mailing the memoir to everyone she knows because I refuse to take her off the wall of shame. Shit like she's doing to the book is contributing to her being a long time resident of the wall of shame. I support the writer by buying the paperback book or the hardcover. I won't pirate the e-book if I hate them.
      The fucking cunt is trying to tell me to get another career -- go fuck yourself lady. I am willing to guess your life sucks as it is because you go around pirating a book written by someone with a mental illness and buy into the shit called "The Gay Troll In The Basement." Fuck off and die lady. Going around violating someone's creative properties and bragging that you got the memoir on your hard drive and threatening to print it out to everyone you know instead of having them buy the expanded versions of a book. If you hate my guts, fine you're entitled to that, but if you pirate a man's book you're white trash.
      When some cunt named HorrorGal bought the e-book of the anthology I appear in -- she's going around offering pirated copies of the book too. It shows how low some people will go -- I am willing to bet that Skullvines Press supports electronic piracy too. The bitch is claiming I read Twilight or listen to My Chemical Romance -- whatever lady. Everyone knows I like thrash and doom metal, the only thing I got from a Hot Topic was an Iced Earth shirt for the album Horror Show. I don't read Twilight -- I don't even have those books in my collection. It's a stated fact I own I AM LEGEND as a book and two versions of the film (one from 1963 and the other being the 2007 version. I freak people out when I have the book and point out the book is set the year I was born.)
      The bitch is saying that I need to get a different career as in working in fast food. That kind of post -- she earned her way on the wall of shame. Fucks like this try to break my focus writing my novella. She's going around looking for my fiction online so she can leave malicious reviews of it like the story she did via e-mail. She's not going to find the opus stories online -- I won't let that happen. I am willing to guess if the bitch works in a fast food eatery like the character from The Fandom Writer. She's up there with the faggot named WilliamDoItTheSecond with posting all the lies about me on a website and passing them off as truth -- trying to pass me off a faggot, that shows how heterophobic they are.

Tess Tillman []

Seriously, take my advice and give up on being a writer. You've been writing for how long? Two decades? You're still not good and still haven't earned any real money or readership? How long are you going to be poor and fail before you realize it's futile, and quit? I didn't say retire I said quit trying.

Don't you dare put me on there again. I'm contacting blogspot to have you removed. My cousin is on the force so unless you want Detective Rodney Shaft sicking the law on your ass I highly suggest you take my name down right now.

That little e-mail -- FUCK YOU. I am going to be a writer until the day I die. I am willing to say the bitch never wrote a short story in her life. Her little comment saying I need to quit -- pisses me off to the core. There is a special place in hell for these kind of people, who go around telling someone to give up and brag about owning a pirated book. She's pissed now about being on the wall of shame. Trying to sic johnny law on me and saying her cousin is a law enforcement officer. I've had people try to sic their lawyers on me because of a few interviews I did a while back. I am posting the e-mails from my faithful heckler.
      Ever since I added this feature to my blog, it seems like the hecklers go out of their way to take a piss on my tastes in music saying I some damn poser in the metal scene, yeah right bitch -- fuck you and the horse you rode in on. I don't dress like Lestat at all -- everything I have is black denim and hooded black sweatshirts that are pull over. One of the people who worked at Sears in Chicago knew me from Writings From The Grave and she helped me keep a hard edged look and I refuse to wear fucking make up of any kind. I guess when they realize they make their way to the hall of shame, they get even more pissed off by the day and try to flag me for having hateful content. This blog is driven by freedom of speech. This bitch comparing my work to Twilight, that's an insult to me and to everyone who writes the harder style of Gothic Horror.
      There is a special place in hell for people like her. She's trying to get me to write about the stabbing -- I already have that floating around somewhere. In fact it's part of the story on called Inquisition Revisited. I am sure the faggots of Stupid Free will have fun with this particular bitch. She's even threatening me via e-mail and these treats are hilarious. This cunt is claiming I listen to glam metal and emo when most of my collection is thrash/speed metal, doom metal, death doom metal, death metal, Industrial Metal and hardcore metal. I am guessing this lady is one of those mall goths that says hi to her friends at emo topic. She likes to lie about so much she believes herself, and saying I need to get out of the business of being an author or publisher. I am willing to guess her only place on the web is a fucking or some variant.
      She e-mailed me with the PDF of An Eye In Shadows and I will say she still supports piracy of any kind of media medium. With the little attempt to send the book to 43 people, she earned her way on the wall of shame. Taking the story LOSS OF BLOOD and putting it in the pirated versions of An Eye In Shadows -- classy lady, really classy, now go fuck yourself while I go back to writing my novella. People like this cunt make me sick along with the asshole calling himself Vinne Beats saying my Chicago access is revoked -- they can bite me. These kind of people think they know me, but they don't know a damn thing about me. With that being said -- I am going back to hammering away on my novella