Monday, November 1, 2010

so far...

Managed to get the anthology completely re-edited, now looking for the replacement for Boyer's plagiarism. I got the most explosive rant out there on my other blog and now back to the business of working on The Fandom Writer 2 and GAME OVER then a short story I have about 6400 words into the other. I am going to make Boyer feel like a true fugitive until someone brings him to justice for multiple counts of fraud and identity theft. Yeah I can see the writer blogs going crazy with all this information right now. I decided to make Boyer a character in The Fandom Writer 2 and looking for a few more stories to fill the slot void by Boyer's plagiarism being pulled.
      I have about 270 pages before the front page, copyright page, introduction, TOC and about the editor's page. I am aiming to make this at least 295 pages with the material and using dividers found on the web for text dividers. Boyer falls into the meme, "fuck you -- pay me" catagory. Yeah I am so blind with anger right now that I want to take a trip where he lives drag him out into the street then stomp him in his forheed. I am trying to propostition the two liar wikis to take the pages down about me but instead have a page that railroads Boyer every step of the way. I think they would be doing everyone a service there instead of lying about me every where they go.