Friday, September 10, 2010

website updated

A Head's Up

Updated -- the reading room section has the update and the stories there have the full html treatement. I did the update on first then this blog is almost the last one that knows. Those of you who want to take a look around the website, the link it clickable from here or from the corners of the place. I am also working on the newer stories right now but seems like I am stuck, so Issue 11 will not have GAME OVER in it because it's turning into a short novel so I already have the alternate story for it done and ready to go. I am going to be publishing Issue 12 and 11 in reverse order.
     I have a few more contributors just joining the fray with this one and I am trying to decide on the typesetting for this to try to keep he cost down. I am playing with an idea to get the word out about the magazine and I am going to use my old manuscript trading days to do it. The stories that got the HTML treatement that rivals many of the blog e-zines out there are The Statue (2004) and Inquisition Revisited (2010.) These two stories can be read in the reading room section of the website.
     If you're looking for the old version of The Fandom Writer, that's over on because they have a high tolerance for content. I did some edits to both versions that are out there of the original Fandom Writer story. I am also doing some with the sequel as I speak. I am just trying to see where the hell I can take it. I am just waiting for the slash writers to get pissed off again with the version of this story appearing on my blog's subpages.
     So those of you who go around turning Harry Potter into a poofter, I guess you never read this short story -- it's targeted at the people who do things to copyrighted characters that shouldn't been done especially if the characters are actually a minor. Yeah I really want my sister reading that crap online because she's at the age now where she's finding stories online and reading them. She's reading the small press magazines and discovering the good stuff early. I am speaking up for every writer who doesn't need to use that crap to tell a good story either in horror, literary fiction, or science fiction. My magazine for the past years been a safe haven for the writers who doesn't write with sexual subject matter to get published. I guess that makes a lot of the erotica authors nervous because it's a taken as a direct threat to their world.
     So with my wish with these people who add my blog as a follow list, go and check my main website out and check the magazine out. Ignore what the tags say because I don't write with erotic content or publish erotic content for that matter.