Saturday, April 3, 2010

Retire? Fuck off pal

You liar you didn't put me on there. I didn't think you would I know you fear me.

Well, thanks for the laughs. Time for you to retire from writing.

This entry came via the comment area. Welcoke to the hall of shame poser! Have fun at the mall, and say hello to your friends at Emo Topic. Since the sad twat liked to gang up on me on some forums -- I decide to make a fool out of her on my territory.

My my my, What a temper tantrum we're having!

You of course...realize he's trying to wind you up right? Oh would require some level of cognitive thought.

I was forgetting about your "disability". I do apologize, how terribly rude of me.
Me retire? FUCK OFF and the horse you rode in on. Yeah I am working on the novella and the fucking asshole is threatening to toss the thing on a Twilight fan site -- the fucker claims to have given the ending away on the novella but the truth is I don't even know how I want to end this one -- the character that is getting tormented isn't the main character. The faggot went and did "reviews" of other stories I don't have online but claims to have gotten copies of. I am guessing that Paul Taylor is another alias for this prick. Angry In Illinois actually set fire to my books on youtube four years ago. So I am guessing the fucker bugged someone for a copy of the incomplete novella, he thinks I am a scared of him. Sorry pal -- I am just waiting to have five minutes alone with you because you threatened my parents who had nothing to do with this fight. I am in the process of doing a counter post to what PTaylor did on a social networking site. In other words if you're going ot accuse me of being a stalker yet you're the one doing the stalking.
      I had a case of mistaken identity of who Devils Childe was, the fake I found out that his pen name is October Lawrence aka Dagstine (correction, it turns out to be a different person posing as the one I knew from way back. To the real Devil's Childe -- sorry man, I was thrown off because the first time I saw the handle on taunting me about having my account suspended for a week. The real Devils Childe first came online in 1996 -- almost a year before I came online.) I also figured out how pathetic that HorrorGal is -- she's a fourty something who never got fame for her "work." Her real "fame" came from plagiarizing my characters as thinly veiled attempts at "parody." I am doing a post for my other blog too right now as I am working on the novella -- the faceless dipshit threatened to throw the thing up on a Twilight Fan Fiction Community on I think he needs to take his shit covered paws off my novella. I've put a lot of energy into that work and I am not going to let some faceless cocksucker ruin that for me.
      So you really want to fuck with a man on the edge? I am addressing the coward who calls himself Angry In Illinois. He was angry when I did my articles on associated content because I called him on his shit. I see him starting up again on a new e-mail box, it makes me sick when someone like that pulls all the shit the faceless bastard likes doing just ot see if he can break me. That's not happening anytime soon jagoff. I waited for the right e-mail to use of this cocksucker before doing a wall of shame posting -- the novella I am working on for the magazine is near 26,000 words. I put a lot of creative forces into this one and I am not about to let this one go for free. I am not about to let some faceless rat bastard do this to my pet project.
      The retire word came from Tess Tillman too and seems like this alias is this cocksucker's alter ego in terms of pirating books and posting stories without one's permission. Hey asshole, you never got permission to do anything with that novella. I am not afraid of you. Consider this picture an act of defiance. This angry in illinois jagoff is a fucking joke. I saw his little "review" on -- he got the villian wrong in the story. That faceless asshole is up there with the plastic fake, yeah go around messing with thrash metalheads -- one thing we thrive on and that's making fun of posers. I call her a plariarist groupie because she enjoys the plagiarized shit more than the original content. I have a screen cap of the true age of the one called HorrorGal, I am going to really show the world how pathetic the sorry excuse of a human being is.
      Yes I am pissed. The bastards on the cult are using reverse bigotry. I am doing this where I can handle them, and that's not when they gang up on people like jackals. When they do shit like that -- I have two words for them and they are fuck you. I am willing to bet the poser who said that message above reads this and realizes she's going down the same path as HorrorGal and that's the road to nowhere leading to tough shit street. This is the path that Slade Draven chose when the sack of shit decided to flood my inbox with fag listings.