Tuesday, April 13, 2010

wall of shame: Paul Taylor


I like how you pay to have the Premium account on a website where no one likes you and everyone thinks you're a stalker. They and the rest of the world can see you're pretending to be an author and writer, so why can't you?
This one needs no introduction but I will say this much, he's one of the faceless assholes popping up praising the whole book burning thing. I am posting this here for everyone to read. I guess this doesn't fall into the cyber-nazi catagory but he was one of the assholes making trouble for me and Lake Fossil Press when he linked the fake tabloid purposes domain.
     The moment he pulled that link out and pulled the fact that he hates my company out of the woodwork he gained some instant favor with some writer forums. He has that illusion that he could make himself instantly popular in an heartbeat trying to make me hated on there like some forums hate me. Yeah that is his perfect world -- where everyone is throwing my books on a pyre and lighting them.
     I would love to have five minutes alone with this son of a bitch -- no dojo training with this one but just a good old fashion south side beat down. Saying I am pretending to be a writer -- that is an insult to writers who ran my work. One thing I will say to this asshole, welcome to the wall of shame..