Sunday, November 21, 2010

Well this is cool.

I got a short story accepted but I am really not at the liberty to speak where it got accepted at. This story is something my IM contacts will know because I used to pass this short story around. It was taken right from the headlines in 2008 about the infamous myspace mom that told a teenage girl to commit self-murder. I am publishing another story I wrote from the same period in the 11th Issue -- I am publishing them in reverse for a reason. I will say one thing that this coming issue will have on 12 that other small press imprints lack, it's two words and those two words are star power.
      I am getting all the accompanying artwork for this issue and one thing is this. The magazine is going to be really badass. I just got done and republished my namesake anthology between editing the magazine. The publication that I am going to be in will be launching me hard in March 2011. The namesake anthology I am publishing the book under Writings From The Grave because it's a history of horror fiction as told in the realms of horror fiction. Anyone wanting to grab this book up can do so by coming here or going to the Lake Fossil Press storefront on I couldn't get the shoot that I wanted to do booked so I took some new photos when I picked up my Metra ten ride ticket. Meaning I will be prepared for a couple promotional shoots for the issues of the magazine, Dirty Black Winter, and the reboot of the namesake.
      I jokingly thought about doing the pictures in the true black metal corpse paint because I wondered what I would actually look like if I was a black metaller than thrash monger. I did the photos akin to the 2003 and 2002 era of Writings From The Grave and my diary-x journal years pulling out the drab tops and black jeans. One of these photos became the table of contents header of Issue 12. The photos that my cousin took will be used on I also learned that is interested in doing a vehicle for me as an editor too. I think I still might have a line up for DYERS EVE, and no it won't have that fake femine hygene cover that the loser "AngryInIllinois" came up with. I am thinking of doing the photo that's a homage to R.L. Stine's opening sequence on Goosebumps. I used to watch this show more as a writer studying how to make horror accessible, but at the same time not lose my edge as horror writer.
     What one will see with the story going into the publication in 2011 is one that really shows how ambitious I can get in writing a short story. GAME OVER is that ambitious too along with a new story in issue 12 that's done. When I redid the anthology, I brought in four more current authors and three more public domain entries. I will say this much with that one story I wrote, I am really fighting back against the gossip bloggers and the liar websites like Encyclopedia Dramatica and Fandom Wank. Sites like that contribute to the most teen suicides in the 2000s. I learned of another incident that was in the UK because of bullying. One band is looking to do a song about this, and they were wanting to grab a copy of An Eye In Shadows for some of the source material for this one song. I will say this much of 2010 so far with my work, I might not have many freebies to provide because everything I have is becoming epic in nature.
     GAME OVER is now 33,000 and it's 66 pages right now, The Fandom Writer 2 is 13,000 and climbing from there, then I finished one story I wrote as Mr. Pacione and that one is being submitted around for consideration. That one is about 7900 words. I've been very selective of where I send my work to in terms of magazines. I submitted to an e-zine with the story Misguidance. That story was an online reprint from my days on WritersCafe and that was an exclusive story to that website. The some of the stories in the collection Dirty Black Winter (and no this won't have a naked queer on the cover. The troll put a name called "Dick Sinu" which I think is a fake name.) I've seen these trolls also put the "fan fiction" and something connected to Harry Potter Slash fic. I pointed this out to and they're going to help me remove those tags because whoever is tagging the books this must be getting high on dog crap. It pisses me off when they do this because they're also insulting the writers in the magazine and on the anthologies.
     This same troll decided to get an account under my pen name saying that I kept Boyer in the anthology after finding out he is a plagiarist. In truth I actually took the book down from sale so I can rework the book. I had to copy the .pdf to open office, after 2 weeks and 18 hour shifts of editing. I managed to make it available once again and having ISBNs on all the editions. I am considering of putting this available on kindle. I had to do line up changes on both the 12th Issue and the namesake. The longest story bowed out, and I had plenty of time to remove it. So I had about 5 more authors come in to fill the spot that story left. I will say the issue's body is 281 pages, I am trying to make this the size of Tabloid Purposes IV. The Editor's Lounge section is exacly 6 pages on a 6.14 x 9.21.
     I did a new cover for the namesake's back cover and this one is also one of my drawings too and it's signed as Nickolaus A. Pacione so it worked with the back cover. I borrowed some things from other dark websites and that's the dividers. I really wanted to show that this book was 100% DIY. I take from the punk fanzines with that ethic. Something that Atomic Jack and it's sister mag noticed, they also counted the kinds of horror stories in there. And this would also apply to he namesake. I included my notes as the acknowledgements. With Issue 12 I am ready to compete with newcomers in the small press with authority as what I am doing with these newer stories. I am writing the very dark parts with authority.
     I will say this much about 2010, my readers from are all now in their 20s. I will have something for everyone in this collection I am compiling in terms of the horror stories. When Angels Wept Blood is an urban fantasy yarn set in DuPage County. God might not have given us a spirit of fear, but I want to approach the subject of fear on it's own terms. But as far as Boyer goes, if I knew in 2007 that he plagiarized the story he sent me I wouldn't have included it. When it comes to horror, there is a delicate balancing act between darkness and light. I will say of the readers of my official website, they come in different religions meaning that includes pagans and Satanists.
     I was actually slated to do my first interview in 1996 with a black metal fanzine in Glen Ellyn. The person who ran the magazine read some of my binder era and was shocked when I told him I was actually a Christian doing it. When Coach put his project out, I wish he did it in 1997 because he approached the last taboo. What he taught me is a faith that's a grittier approach than the watered down kind of thing I encountered with churches that frowned upon heavy metal and horror books. I didn't get rid of my collection in 199-1998, it got stolen when I was hospitalized. I am guessing my former bosses daughter stole them to see if she can get money from the CDS in a pawn shop, and I got my tape collection back without the stronger bands in the collection. So what people will see with my CD collection of the present. It was an accumilation from 1999. My best friend gave me some of his CDs and of them came some of the most unique ones I ever came across.
     I lost all my faith books when I moved back to Illinois given to me because they were trying to get me from shying away from writing horror fiction. If that person is reading this, horror had always been in my blood. It's something I wanted to write for a long time. Last month I celebrated my 20th year as a horror writer and a writer in general. I got a lot of flack for having a dark website in 1998 when I was living in Iowa. One of the daughters of the owner of a place I went to for editing my place when I was homeless gave me the most flack and someone from their family actually stabbed me five times. I was commissioned to design a website for Upper Room Ministries, but the owner of the library banned me from ever appearing in the library again. They allowed me access just one time because I was trying to keep in touch with my family about coming home for a week.
     The churches I got involved with in Iowa really shunned heavy metal music, and I told them I would openly listen to secular metal whether they like it or not. My short story I almost got published with actually came out of this along with a friend's personal history of metal. I was trying to form a heavy metal band in 1996 but everyone was getting into KoRn and Limp Bizkit around that time. They didn't want to do thrash metal with TOOL styled vocals. With these new stories I am doing, I am going to be really living up to my nickname given to me in 2008 and that's The Heavy Metal Author. That is part of the reason I jokingly do a photo looking like a black metaller. It would be a bitch to pull off because I actually have facial hair. I got accused of being a Nazi Skinhead because I used to have a shaved head in 1995. Part of the reason I grew my hair out was to get rid of that tag on me. (I have a drawing of a KKK hanging from a tree, would a racist do a drawing like that?)