Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Am Not A Pawn...

Well someone on the e-zine made the accusation that I was creating more than one handle to harass them, but it seems they are always going to be in that forever looming shadow of the e-zine they tried to escape. It's clear that they used me to piss off the one magazine, I don't really need their help to piss off a zine like that. Stephen N. Marshall hates me as it is because he knows he will not be The Ethereal Gazette (I think his magazine is a rip off of The Ethereal Gazette. The staff fell for the bait that the AngryInIllinois brigade started, and what he's doing isn't running my publishing company -- he's making a mockery of it. It's clear they are plagiarizing a novella and leaked the fucking thing before it's even finished. The "rewrites" are unauthorized.)
      The story that the jokers leaked by doing google cache on it. Well I decided to make it avialable on me, but if there is anyone who can give me a good heads up on a print magazine that takes a reprint and no don't go referring the fake domain of Ethereal Gazette. I guess WriterFace didn't like my 9/11/2001 terrorist insult to the naysayers who were trying to say "Avoid Lake Fossil Press and Nickolaus Pacione." The faceless prick made it clear he was trying to say that the trolls are going to be in charge of the magazine, well I am putting this on record about that so called loan -- it never existed.
       I really pissed off Willard by calling him an Al Quida terrorist, well Brian Keene actually called me that on one of his blog entries (then pointing to my Youtube.com video telling off the yellow journalists. I noticed one of the fake fans of the imprint went around harassing would be contributors to the real magazine using Encyclopedia Dramatica as a source of "truth" about me. They are trying to pass Lloyd Phillip Campbell as a queer when he's not.) I am sending this message to the staff of that fledgeling magazine that I am not some chess piece they can use as they please. Yeah vampirefreaks.com banned me for two weeks for bringing the cesspool's postings to the website to throw what the trolls were saying back in their face because Baupdeth violated my copyrights when he posted what he posted about what I wrote of my company. Yes, it's still mine.
      "The Don't Publish Pacione" conspiracy started with a media black out post on a now dead website, I guess the domain didn't like what Dan Fox and his slut were doing to the name of authors in the small press they didn't like. Yeah it seems like the small press community has a huge left leanings to them. It makes me sick they voted for a damn socialist. I came to the conclusion that Obama is approaching the BP suitation all wrong. Well with that being said, I am going to post the this story as it is hosted on my website and on AuthorsDen.com which is linked from there as a black and white text edition. I am using the 1.5 spacing format and span tags for this one.
      Some might be really offended by the feminist rally joke in the story. This isn't a horror story persay compared to what I usually do but this is something for those who are regulars of the blog wanting a true story to read that isn't exactly a throwaway, but forced me to put it out myself because of the leak.

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