Monday, December 20, 2010

the sources of that remark

Those of you who were saying I was making death threats to kids, I am going to clear the air with that one. The statement was based off an article I read on another website about bullying leading into a school shooting or suicide. The article that the statement that was based on was taken from this article. I've been researching about the causes of school shootings since coming back from Iowa 11 years ago.
     The comment was actually rooted in facts that take place in the states about school shootings because usually the person who does the shooting is the one who goes pulling the trigger. I was being bullied by another magazine publisher via and some on because she chases me forum to forum like I am some kind of canned hunt. So that was why I made the statement I made because kids inherit the habit of bullying from their parents.
     I've seeb the claims that the mother of my son claims that I was bullying her outright, well no, she has a history of doing mental abuse. I was punched in the chest by her because I made the catty screech that cats make when they were pissed. We were in an argument that was rather one sided. I would actually make the remark about some adult bullies who saw their kids for the same thing then reward them a damned Play Station for they're bullying.
     Here's another thing I found that backed up my statement, and they say name one's sources so I am doing to do just that here -- by sending the reader here and something I found on a typepad blog here (the latter actually did a study on this.) Here's another example about the example of bullying leads to murder taken from What I said of Cox was based on facts because this happened before in the states where two kids actually murdered their bully.