Friday, October 8, 2010

more progress

The Fandom Writer 2 reached the 9500 word range. I got a fight scene in there that's sort of like They Live but with females brawling it out. The story I am writing by last name only is 5,000 words. The question will be with these magazines out there is will they even look at a story that's nearly 10,000 words. The novella GAME OVER is about 32,500. When they get up in the higher word counts I have a hard time really get going and go to town on the stories. I am in the process of editing the real Ethereal Gazette at the same time of writing three different things at once.
     I even figured out the occupation of the asshole who made my life online a living hell for seven years. I think it would be funny if they found him beheaded in a car accident and then at the wake they urinate in his open casket. I did an entry on my blog in response of his "fucking joke" remark on his When I learned his occupation that explains a lot because he deals with a lot of customers, and he got this customers suck attitude. I didn't realize that I was dealing with someone who claims to have gotten a copy of my anthologies without paying for it, well that is equal to shoplifting.
     So with that I am thinking of doing a wikia for the entire blogosphere, including authors who use blogs for their websites and shit like that. I bet the LiveJournal set might want to do something like this. It might prove interesting to do my own wiki site, it will be separate from Writings From The Grave or An Author's Blog. I keep my wordpress blog as a separate blog from the blogspot, blurty and insandjournal accounts. The last of the named is still linked and active. The version of Writings From The Grave on actually went black so I had to move the site somewhere stable for it to grow as large as it was in 2000.
     I had this account on blogger almost as long as I've been with zanga in some form. With that and all trolls aside, I am really making some progress on The Fandom Writer 2 and still writing the other ones in the process. I am getting submissions here and there, but I got a novella submission. The whole thing with that one will cause controversy because I wanted the writer to not use the six letter n-word. I have no problem with people dropping the other f-word because I do drop it on my blogs. That is one thing I like about blogspot and wordpress, they don't censor anything but I wish they closed down The Crusty Rail or HorrorGal's blog because she supports piracy and stole a domain I was trying to get for my anthologies.
     So I will be working on to make it active. I have the Tabloid Purposes section done and got the magazine section don first. I just opened a wiki and calling it after my wiki the blogosphere. Basically seeing who'd be willing to put information about their blogs and published works on the same thing. A few years back I wrote a chilling article about the blogosphere, and it seems that many people got nervous about this article because I am putting the reader's on the spot because many of them don't have a fully functional website or have e-zines that are a complete eyesore in the layout.
     I will never submit to an e-zine that pays about $5 for stories. I actually take the ten dollar sale over a $5 one because I can use the money from the ten dollar sale, and pay for my post office box in Joliet for it. I am shopping around for some magazines that will take one of my stories outside of the genre, since that was something late author Gerald Grimmet enoouraged me to span out from just writing horror fiction. But if one looks at my blog or memoir looking to write horror from someone's life that would be a good start.
     As one wiki states, the more angrier I get the more inspired I get. The Fandom Writer 2, Jesus Freak, Bleed The Freak, The Fandom Writer, House Of Spiders, GAME OVER, and FUCKBEATER were born out of anger, but The Fandom Writer 2 and GAME OVER are relatives. I do have a character from The Fandom Writer getting published in a fictional magazine called IN THE DEPTHS, which was enrtirely something that will have a personally of it's own. As does the issues of the magazine, each one takes a personality all their own at times. Issue 12 is going to be a work ib progess because I am waiting for some visual submissions as in the artwork or photography.
     I got a cool submission for the magazine, and now I am trying to seek out a photographer to help me with my editorial photos. I can't reveal who will be on Issue 11, and I want to keep Issue 12 a bit of a suprise so that is why I am secretly seening out the artist for the covers (as I told a contributor I am trying to make this issue a conversation piece along with my book collection because %45 of the books are signed.