Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Wall Of Shame Entries --- book burning groupie and a person who got pirated copies of the memoir

There are two entries to the wall of shame, the first one is from the person who took a crap on Inquistion Revisited. The person was angry because I tossed her e-mail up on the Wall of Shame, now she's bragging about owning a pirated copy of my memoir. People who pirate Mp3's and pirate books electronically really need to be dealt with like a termite or cockroach. When they say the things they said in my e-mail, it angers me to the core when they own pirated copies of a book. That's stealing from an authors table especially when they don't have a lot of money to begin with.
      The people from The Writers Forum and Absolute Write message boards each contributed to the book burning in some way -- so I am going to put that on their heads because they are practicing censorship. They are saying I am wasting their space when I get hostile -- they are contributing to the burning of my books just by their actions. The moderators who agree with the book burning thing -- that puts you up there with the Nazi's. I am going to present this question to one of the moderators. If they support the book burnings, then I will take it all to the press. EVERTHING THEY DID to fuck with Lake Fossil Press. I guess in that sense -- the blood of one of the authors is on their hands.
      I am going to take EVERYTHING to the press because their actions, my memoir got pirated and some of them were trying to do the same thing with my anthologies. Hawke if you're not going to listen to what I am going to say, then fuck off. The fact you locked the thread that would clear my name, if what I say disturbs you just walk away. The blood of one of the authors is on your hands because of that -- do you want that on your concious? I am guessing both forums are forcefed the lies about me and they believe them like gospel truth. You want to step on me -- I am going to step on you every chance I am going to get and using the press to do it. I guess with the one sack of shit -- saying she obtained my memoir as a PDF. I already know who sent out the pirated copies and I am posting the e-mail address here. The pirated copies originated from [] because he posed as a good friend just to rush me to finish the e-book version. When I realized what he did, I blocked him from my profile on MySpace.
      I don't mince words when I say something, I will say the most vulgar thing some people will imagine when they brag about geting a pirated copy of a book or Mp3. That hurts writers as much as it hurts musicians. Some people don't care if they rob from the tables of writers who are struggling to get out there. I want to ask these writers this question, what if your books got pirated and they burn the flesh and bloods -- would you respond politely to that. I wouldn't. Who ever does the book burnings needs to be drawn and quartered for it. If you don't want to listen to me about this, don't waste my fucking time. Also I posted something up on a website -- this is a version of the lengthly article i wrote on Helium originally but I edited some content to make it less controversial sounding. The two entires are very controverisal in many ways.

Wall of Shame Entry One: Tess Tillman, Part II

From Tess Tillman []
to Nickolaus Pacione []
date Mar 20, 2010 4:33 PM
subject ever since you put my email address on your "wall of lame"

You put my email address up without my permission. However since you did that, I've gotten a lot of supportive emails from a lot of really nice people! A few of them told me you have issues and your autobiography explains that so they offered to send me a pdf of your An Eye In Shadows book or whatever. I turned down the anthologies and other crap I don't think I want to read anymore of your stuff anytime soon but those are some great people!

Wall of Shame Entry Two: Book Burning Groupie

From: Jenna Leary []
Subject: anthology/magazine question
Date: Sat 03/20/10 04:40 PM

When are we going to see more YouTube videos of your books being burned?

I LOVED those! They always made me laugh and brightened my day! I especially loved the Ethereal Gazette one because it had piss at the end and just when you think the fire won't go out, the piss saves the day!

Can you put me on some sort of mailing list and let me know when more LFP book burnings are uploaded?


This is my response to that e-mail, warning this is very ideologically sensitve and extremely vulgar. I compared this one to a member of the World Church Of The Creator. I actually took on someone from the World Church Of The Creator becuase of my KKK hanging from a tree. I guess people like this are the ones that get me fuming more than anything -- because book burning is an act of Nazism in the highest degree. Whether it's one book or many, it's still censorship in any form.
     I put this particuler shit in the same catagory as the fucks who shot up Columbine in 1999 and my website was in the crossfire of that shit too. I guess Jennifer Leary goes around celebrating book burings like it was the start of World War II all over again. Those of you who are thinking I.O.W.A. is online -- that isn't my I.O.W.A. My novella I.O.W.A. is 11,000 words and it won't be online anywhere. The faggot named Lewis Unknown decided it was funny to use my name to write the fucking fake story, those of you see this asshole posting on, report the shithead for plagiarism. I guess the assholes behind the domain are working to the best of their ability to fuck over the real magazine. The real Ethereal Gazette doesn't publish satie or parody, I publish horror that doesn't forcefeed the pollitically correct dogma that's currently in the horror community.
     I am gunning for Lewis for that one because he stole my ideas and stole the concept of the story to do his fucked little slab of shit. He was pissed off when I explained the guidelines when I said I don't take any kind of erotica or alternative romance. He went balistic and called me a bigot on the Shocklines Forum and the person behind the fake Gazette is named Beero. And now this is my response to that e-mail. I am going to block the bitch from e-mailing me and some asshole who calls himself robot reader obtained pirated copies of my memoir too. When tney support piracy of books, that's worst than shooting up a high school. Please excuse my language on this one.

E-Mail Response To The Book Burning Groupie:

Subject: Two Words

GET FUCKED -- welcome to the territory of being a horror target for the book burning remark. Nazi cockstains like you really piss me off. It makes me sick when I get another e-mail like this one, the fact you endorse a new kind of Nazism on the internet. Let me ask this question, have you even read a Lake Fossil Press title?
     Saying that they need to be burned -- that is an instant way to get me royally pissed off. It gets me angry enough to get the press involved with this matter, and yes I am posting this entire e-mail and your e-mail address with it so people can tear you apart verbally. If you go around saying things like that, it will not be something to gain favor with me personally. Supporting the act of book burning, what's wrong with you lady? The fact I don't support homosexuality in any form puts people on blast with me -- they hate me because of that reason, and refuse to publish stories by the alternative romance communities. It's comments like yours that really put me in a state of anger -- a kind of anger where I seek vengeance for it. You realize you insulted every author to call themselves a Lake Fossil Press allumni.
     A comment like that when it comes to book burning, that makes you a perminate resident of the wall of shame. So with that being said, say hi to your friends at The World Church Of The Creator. I guess you go around with Nazi symbols your clothing and follow Hilter like some bitch long after he's rotting in the grave and somewhere in hell for what he's done to the Jewish communutiy -- I will be standing in line to take a huge shit on Hilter's grave.
     Supporting a book burning, what the hell is wrong with you? Seriously, didn't your mother and father give you enough love when you were a child? The e-mail will be posted in its entire form with your name and e-mail address attached to it . If you go around saying things like that -- that's a very fast way to make enemies. When they see the comments you made -- they are going to want to crucify you for it. Personally I want you drawn and quartered using semi trucks for that comment and those videos aren't mine.