Monday, July 5, 2010

Domains! All Mine!

I registered with (guys I am coming home. Some asshole created and with a fucking My Little Pony header -- then making fun of Tabloid Purposes and The Ethereal Gazette. Fucking homos. What the hell is wrong with people? That was not fucking cool at all, that's about as a bad as getting a domain in my name and smearing me with it. I guess I am going to host Lake Fossil Press from the host for Writings From The Grave's host instead. The pigrapers got the magazine spelled wrong, they're using the Encyclopeda Craptica's spelling.) I previously worked with when they were a free host and it cost me $240.00 plus $10.00 a month for the place. The cool thing is that I won't be working with or some other blog service with this domain along with my personal website domain Right now the other domain is being in a waiting period to be created because the server noticed my registration town is different from the IP server. I connect from Joliet for the internet, but if I remember right with the host they have what they call default.html instead of an index.html page so I have to remember that when I design the website's index page. Then I will have pages for Tabloid Purposes history and the history of The Ethereal Gazette then GLS for other anthologies I plan to do as Lake Fossil Press or Broken Mindframe Books (no I don't have a domain for this imprint.)
      I noticed how Jane Beresford (The Rusty Nail) took the domain for my name so I can't get that in any form along with the loser Brian Knight, I remember that Brian Knight was bribing me to get the domain pointed to my websites. So right now I am debating how the hell I am going to get Writings From The Grave domain ready. I paid for 5 years on the domain but next month I am going to pay for another five more years. I was looking at other sites to see who they went with. I noticed Jet went with with his site. I registered using I will be getting a post office box in downtown Joliet for correspodence. I just wish that other authors don't go using lame layouts on or some other site where it makes it lazy for them to do the html codings and shit like that.
      Yeah it's going to happen. I will have domains for my accounts and the one host I am entited to two domains with it and 500 of space. My host I use for Writings From The Grave I can have up to 15 websites on the sucker, I am watching what I say with some stories and watching the violent content from not going too far overboard because I don't want to lose this host. I lost because of a part of the early incarnation of the reading room that said "Fuck Poppy Z. Brite." I am just waiting out three more days before I can get back on one website now, but when I get back on that site I should have the domains battle ready by then. hell that will be a lot of work to get the subpages together, but it will be all worth it. I am employing some of the methods I used with Tripod back in 1997 when I designed the site but some of you who followed me around for the last 13 years noticed that the site went through a lot of changes. I am talking with Scott to see if I can borrow his website's skeleton for parts of my website. One thing I want to add on the domain incarnation of my website is a public domain horror movie room. I am trying to remember my password for NickolausPacione on so when I get broadband and speakers, I will make it more interactive again. That was an addition I did in 2007, but one thing I want to do with Lake Fossil Press On are live book trailers. Something I toyed with the idea of with House of Spiders 3 of doing a trailer that was a tribute in part to Ozzy Osbourne's Crazy Train video. As in having me stand in middle of a railroad track in Glendale Heights, Illinois. This is sort of what I wanted to do with the trailer for Tabloid Purposes IV's Passener.
      I am planning to use a new PDF site for Misguidance. The only thing that sucks is I don't have the artwork for this one. I've seen an few authors use this site for their stories, but the text sucks on the Den if you're posting them as PDFs in the body of the text. I think like an old school HTML techie at times, and some people might not understand under the long haired heavy metal caveman appearence that I am actually a computer geek.
      By September I should have Lake Fossil Press registered with Will County so it will be recognized in Illinois as a legit operation. I want to get it funded by a few grants. I am working on the paperwork to get these grants because there are places the offer free money to write a novel and things like that. I just wish I actually knew about these programs. If I knew about them at the apartment, I wouldn't have to worry about the comcast bill because I would have the money to pay it on time -- I am also using for things relating to the work I am doing as a writer. I noticed that there are a few tools doing malicous reviews of older stories just because they hated the terrorist insult. Well if they go around putting their byline on my work, they deserve to be called that. So with that Lake Fossil Press isn't under new ownership, they're just a bunch of pranksters who hang out at My Little Pony conventions fapping away at the middle aged soccer moms who collect them. I guess these jokers like to girl up the imprint, well I am going to give it's Outer Limits inspired skin and attitude with
      My site host has a feature where I can take payments via and fun shit like that. So I am just figuring out how to get the default pages ready for the domains and shit, I want to keep the sub domains for the sites too and plan to continue to use them. I got the headers for the domain ready to go. I am just writing the content for the subpages out on Altantis Ocean Mind, and thinking about going with Niceboards for Lake Fossil Press' message board -- but the thing that makes Lake Fossil Press what it is would be the creative use of profanity.
      I hope my buddy Scott doesn't mind that I borrow his bricks background for The only thing that I don't know how to do again is set up the pop mail server that the host provides. I have to remember to watch some of my language on the website because they have a policy of no hate propaganda and a no libel policy. So I use more than one host for stories because some places have a higher tolerance for the hard profanity. I really miss one host greatly because they allowed adult websites, that was fucking perfect for my website because of the hard profanity and vulgar insults. I am guessing the fuckers who took the info and net, I guess they have an unhealthy fascination and fetish with Hasbro (does Hasbro know they are violating their tradmarks?)