Friday, June 25, 2010

Seems like when I get a story accepted....

I shall take this back from you trolls.I get the jokers popping up left and right, then someone starting a fight with me on another website with their fucking "Avoid Lake Fossil Press...." thread. Just the past few days I had people coming up with my old pictures as their profile picture, and I stole some of these pictures back. I did a post on my wordpress blog about some of these trolls hijacking my threads posting about hats and shit like that. Then I got this one asshole saying he's in charge of Lake Fossil Press when I never sold the company or did anything of the like. I made this particular post on relating to the details of the so called new "ownership" being the fact I haven't done the artwork for the magazine's cover yet or the cover of DYERS EVE.
     I noticed that there was an emergence of trolls coming on to the website I am active with and coming on with some of my old pictures -- and these pictures weren't online anywhere, but they were of me playing pool. These pictures emerged as did so called reviews of stories that aren't available online and things like that. I will not let anyone make a fool out of me by posting bogus covers for the magazine or bogus covers of the anthology -- I've seen Encyclopedia Dramatica do this with Tabloid Purposes: Book Five and with Ethereal Gazette: Issue Seven. It seems like when I am very close to getting a story accepted somewhere they would go offering "review" copies of stories that aren't even done yet.
     Especially when one of those assholes been spamming ALL my inboxes with one message. I posted this one on the wall of shame on Between writing the novella and doing promo for the magazine acceptence I've been trying to do troll control on each of the sites I am active with. I noticed that one of the trolls have a bogus cover of the magazine with a fucking unicorn on the damn thing, is he trying to turn my magazine and publishing venture into something cutesy? It seems like when I try to get my magazine together or the anthology, some asshole would announce its "full" when I am not even done with the project.