Thursday, August 5, 2010

Addressing James Fletcher

I am insulted by everything you said to me Fletcher, I didn't fuck your wife so kindly not look at me in the same light as I did. You got a lot of complaints about me -- how many complaints is that, really? Is it from the dirty mods you enlisted to run the place. You basically insulted your boss by suspending me, and I as in middle of getting the information to get those moderators taken down once and for all. But you will not listen to what I have to say, it is almost like I was the dirty admin when I had the admin powers. I wasn't the dirty admin, I was doing the thing better than you even began to do -- your job. I am making the statement on here that I want my admin job back and I will clean the site up of the dirty moderators who used their moderator powers to push me around. I suspended the ones that needed to be suspendeded and allowed the others to post as they please.
     Your admin style is too fucking passive for a place like what Watts had going, if you allowed Watts to let me do my thing in terms of admining the place it would have ran smoothly you pig fucking son of a bitch. Look, I don't know you you run things in before I came to the picture but you're letting the dirty mods run everything and that is something I don't like. The fact you fucking buddies with these dirty moderators. You let Jenny Torgensen to take a steaming shit on Lake Fossil Press like some fucking prick. Therefore disrespecting something that gave Watts a vehicle to get published for the first time and all my roster came in to his aid. What you did -- in my eyes about the criminal element is jack shit in my eyes, but you just let them do a shitty job and allowed them to cyberbully everyone and everyone connected to my imprint.
     What I am asking you to do is step down and let me have my powers back to do a good job with running a large community, I had plenty of experience in this field and ran a community of 2000 people all by myself for a good part of 2002 to 2008. So what I am saying is this, since I am not in the confines of the ning's rules here is are you going to be some brainwashed asshole and let every faggot step on you? Or you willing to give me a chance to do my job as a moderator -- I want all the moderator powers that you gave those assholes, as in I want to run things the way I know how. I would rather see them do a mass exodus than see them take a piss on the living room rug. I speak of Watts with the highest respect, but when I speak of you -- if I was talking to you to your face, I will be blowing cigar smoke in your face.
      I am addressing you uncensored here, but do you have the stones to respond? won't let me speak with a full range of vulgarity and I think you need to hear me out somewhere I can really say what I am going to say. This is the only entry where I am going to allow comments so you can say what you're going to say if you have the stones to say it -- if you're going to be an asshole about it, come on lets see if you can handle being deballed from a Guinea from the South Side of Chicago.

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