Monday, April 26, 2010

Writing progress and more....

Guess who made their appearence on the site I called home five years before all this shit decided to make it's way on the site all over again. Yes the asshole who invoked the harassment of my grandmother and posted the address on a new site.
     Thankfully the admins are zero tolerance about posting physical information on members on the website. Some of his friends weren't exactly happy about this so they posted doctored pictures of me portrayed as some Anti-American sect that burnt American Flags and shit like that and I am going to be posting a comment by some emo bitch about my photography too with a link to her site so the bitch can comment on the post via my e-mail I noticed that some people have NO RESPECT for privacy or for creative properties so I made the destruction of her artwork comment.
     Yes even my psycho-bitch (bubble butt) of an ex-fiancee shows up on this one -- yeah I still stand by what I say about her mother kicking the bucket a few years back on my old blog on That one was the one I got in backlash to the shallow fucks on The cunt that said the one content said she would rather have a LiveJournal than a real website. That's an insult to all the old school web designer types who write with HTML as the coding for their websites.
     The fact she said this about my novella too that shows how Nazi-like she is--it makes me sick when they do that along with harassing my family via snail mail.
     (I got some asshole from Turkey calling me Comrade like I am from the Soviet Union -- hey asshole this isn't The U.S.S.R. The U.S.S.R. is dead and rotting in hell.) Put it like this she's been living a miserable existance in Iowa while I've been busy getting the contributors for an upcoming anthology planned by Lake Fossil Press. I am not linking the jokers who did the fake ass website trying to make the site all faggoty and girly. I am an equal oppertunity asshole -- if I am going to mess with them, they don't have a gender they can be an IT as far as I care.

"Irene Baker"

That's great he came in here pretending to be a professional photographer only to have Dominae utterly shatter any hope he had of that.

Now of course he's going to show us all by going back to writing his fire fodder I mean kindling I mean novella. Burn baby burn!


It doesn't matter how long you've claimed to be a "photographer" for...Your "work" is actually just snapshots. You're WORSE than those emo kids.

Actually...Some people (unlike you) are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusions about their things. Here, let me dissect your "photography".

Your images aren't colour balanced, your ISO is wrong for every single image...If you are using a higher end SLR camera you're probably using auto settings.

By the looks of it you're probably using an 18-30mm lense and seem to have virtually no interest in working with depth of field. You're clearly not using a tripod, and if you were then MAYBE your images would look less like snapshots. Maybe.

You're using low resolution, you haven't adjusted the camera to adapt for your lighting condition, hence the yellow glow which is created by indoor lighting when the camera isn't set to adapt for it.

That's not all of them either this time around, while working on this novella I got a few harassing e-mails saying they will leak the fucking thing when it gets done or try to find ways to pirate the fucker the moment it gets finished -- I am saving that one for the magazine when it gets done. The fucker impersonating me -- we don't say represent out here, we say based or hails from. Here's from the one I call Fakeione.
     First off, I will never get an e-mail address where it says This tool really wants to make an asshole of himself. but one thing that came out of the message boards -- got in touch with an old friend from the mid-period when my website got the most traffic. It seems that "angryinillinois" *knows* how my novella will end (yeah right pal, telling me to retire. Ain't happening)-- I don't even know how that one will end. I got the ones who think I am evil because of my views too on the world -- hell even my own family think my views are fucked up, but they respect me because I am driven by them. This isn't the first time I've been impersonated on a blog, some actually tried to do this stunt on and some cunt created a fake contest just to see if they can sneak into Tabloid Purposes 2 -- one of my friends stopped that dead in the tracks and I am in debt to him for doing so.

Fakeione []

What do you have against Illinois you fucking prick. Going after me because I represent the 815 -- that's the act of a cunt right there.

This little joker thinks I am dissing my home state of Illinois. I've represented Illinois ever since Writings From The Grave started and going into it's thirteenth anniversary, I am still hailing from Illinois. This time part of the 815 Nation. The fact some of these assholes are trying to hijack threads on different forums like they're saying this isn't America but a social networking website -- I will use those words against them. The fact I haven't skipped a beat with this novella but I have these assholes who are finding the pirated book like it was the published book. It pisses me off when they support e-piracy then play dumb when they are approaced about it. The fact this fake is trying to take my real insults and trying to become me with them, keep dreaming pal.
     The thing that makes me sick with these people giving me shit, they call themselves artists -- when I made the statement about setting their work on fire, they have a similar response to when people set my work on fire or when they doctor pictures portraying me as a flag burner. I already know who did that one and she's known as DatAss, fucking commies get a life.