Monday, December 20, 2010

farewell to

The blog hosted by will be closed on the 21st because of the ongoing conflict with The Rusty Nail and I am guessing they also closed her down too. But they told me if I wanted to have a wordpress based blog I can get one with a registered domain. I am seriously considering that because when it's hosted on an actual site, there is more people can say without getting in hot water about it.
     All the articles I wrote on that blog aren't lost though. In fact, I got them all backed up in a book I am going to be putting out some time in 2011 named for one of the articles. I have a new one written and shopping it around and this actually doesn't mention names. I am going to talk to my long time friends about doing a group blog on too because they have a high tolerance for content too. normally have a high tolerance for content, but the thing between myself and The Rusty Nail became too much for them.
     Also I had a bout of absent minded-ness this morning when I let the dog out. I dosed off and she was out for about 25 minutes. I made an honest mistake there. I always had a history of being absent minded, I was this absent minded since I was a kid. With Wordpress I was wondering if they were as tired of the back and forth as I was. I will be celebrating 9 years with, but just in the recent years I've been using them as my official blog. Blogspot has a higher tolerance for content but I wish they had the cut tag. I am guessing if when that one blog started working with the ex-cousin-in-law caused it to come ahead.
     I am talking to a group of friends I've known for a long time about doing a group blog on because they have the updating tool much like uses. I've been with for seven years too. I got them before going off to Baltimore, Maryland. I retained all the graphics I created from when I've been with wordpress, and also plan to upload the graphic I used for my anthology submission call that has a $5.00 reading fee because other creative nonfiction publications also have this. Some of them change $45.00 for the reading fee has a $5 reading fee before submitting out too.