Tuesday, November 1, 2011

GAME OVER is accepted!

I broke down and let PublishAmerica have this one, I am working on another book based in the world of social media and the hell that could be caused because of it. I am not sure if I would make this story fiction or nonfiction, might be a novella or another short novel. It might be something to think about for this being novel writing month, but I am busy writing The Fandom Writer 2. I am waiting for the official contract and talking to them about what the cover should be. It has to be a scene from the book, and hoping they don't change the content too much. It's one continuous story and that is something I want to keep with the book. I was going to send them the introduction too if they need it because this one commands it.
     The rivalry between The Ethereal Gazette and Kilter had been fictionalized, something that was a therapy to write too. I also got a freebie posted as of Halloween on http://np1976.codexed.com. Halloween had two freebies, and the rant is pointed at Keene and some cyber-bunny boiler who is stalking me on craigslist.org making claims that I dated her and pounded on her door when I had not had dated in a while. I didn't even have a date in 2010 so the person slandered me right there. I expanded the personal ad to 1400 words too, yeah they'd be in for some reading because I am an open book in that sense of the word. I was supposed to have one date in January but it fell through. The story that's akin to The Fandom Writer in every way is going to find it's way to print but I want PublishAmerica to let me design the pdf of the book where I can embed the fonts and everything.
     It was either let PublishAmerica have it or end up seeing it pirated on Panic Press. I didn't know where Cox got a copy of this one but a year's worth of work is about to pay off a little bit. I am just waiting for word from the e-zine I submitted a longer work to about the consideration for the story whether it being accepted or rejected. I submitted JESUS FREAK off to an anthology where a story from Tabloid Purposes 3 is reprinted. With the situation on craigslist there is a book that could be written of this, thinking it would make for a dark read too because it hits too close to home. They hide behind this cushion that's their keyboard.
     The business in the industry is really damned ugly and some people wonder why I chose PublishAmerica for Game Over. I am going to prove that Robert Baupader didn't write the novella. The whole lies that were spread about me of me beating my son, that is the thing that unnerves me to the core. I am a good man but made some mistakes. My honesty unnerves people and the unwillingness to use a screen name in chatrooms would target a lot of people in wanting to hunt me down -- I used my real name from the beginning because I had to claim Spiral Torment. Because of Tim Willard doing the blog where the claim that I stole Lloyd Phillip Campbell's identity, Lloyd Phillip Campbell doesn't have a social security number or birth papers because I created the pen name. He doesn't write homo themed poetry using my titles either -- example the troll blog created on wordpress.com. So my conclusion there is that one of the people who created the domains actually swiped the pen name. Lifted him to quote one of their plagiarisms. I had to out the fact that I was Lloyd before I really had a chance to write an opus as him.