Thursday, October 13, 2011

just written and working on more

For everyone's reading pleasure I give them Grotesque Wanderings -- I got this from reading Reverend Beast's blog about Joe Osteeen. Yeah Osteen gives me nightmares I remember when I would go around Chicago and wait for the train people would draw on his picture making him look like the Devil. Kind of trippy to see but what you see with Grotesque Wanderings is more of my background as I am working on a new short story. The new story is about 3,100 words so far. I am working on some others as well too and while I am doing that I am reporting all the libelous tags I got with I am going to share the e-mail from about the tags on Dirty Black Winter and A Library Of Unknown Horrors -- I got one of the contributor copies ready for that one and the second to last newspaper I have from the Joliet Herald News -- I will have to photocopy future copies of this for people if they want to see the complete thing as it appears in the paper.

Dear Nickolaus,

     Thank you for contacting Lulu Support and for your patience. I have requested that our engineers remove the inappropriate tags from your product's listing page. You should see them removed within a day or two. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Your assistance helps us provide a more pleasant shopping experience for all Lulu customers. If you should need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me via return email. Have a great day.
     Thank you,

Brittany W.
Lulu Enterprises, Inc

I love it when they get ahold of me as soon as possible about these sort of things. I have a few projects planned and working on the sequel to the namesake -- there are a few writers who just signed on for this and waiting for more. I am working on getting Issue 13 uploaded but I am at the mercy of my uncle because he's the one that drives in the house. If I can get him to get me up to the library I will have the issue out some time tonight, if not today I am aiming next week -- so the issue will be out before Halloween. I noticed on the artwork of the cover -- the book spine has "Edgar Allan Poe" which is pretty damn cool because I am publishing The Black Cat in the issue.
     I am keeping my story under wraps in there because I don't want that asshole Baupdeth plagiarizing the damn thing. He's not only another David Boyer but he's also slanderous as well -- it may not be far off if he was one of the people who did some of the slanderous tags on the 10th issue and those tags ruin sales of a publication. It is because of them I don't get the royalties for a publication and without the royalties I can't get contributor copies sent off. I have written something on that is also in the 2000 word range called The Bully Effect -- those word ranges are coming out like nothing for me for some reason or another. If I really sat down and did a novel I might be able to pull it off using MS Office 2007 since I own a legitimate copy of the program -- I was forced to using demos of the program to write sometimes.
     I wrote the story for the next installment of the namesake for this. I am sending the contributor not only a copy of the anthology but a copy of the newspaper that the book appears in for him to frame it at home. I thought he moved to L.A. in the year since the book was re-released. I am close to the one year anniversary of Issue 12 and promoting Dirty Black Winter hard too. I am working on getting new readerships with the codexed location. The thing about baupdeth is he can't write an original title so he plagiarizes from me -- that is typical of a bully too cyberbullying overlaps with the whole plagiarism thing. I've been a damn writing fool in the past few days I've got the computer home.
     I got about 275 pages in the 13th issue's body alone so the issue will be about 284 pages for $13.98 so the reader is really getting a deal for that amount in terms of a trade paperback literary journal. I am happy I am able to get back to working on the magazine after having to be on a public computer to communicate for nearly three months. I was sacrificing merchandise copies and contributor copies to get them in the hands of newspapers and magazines to review now I can send pdfs to review again. Some dipshit decided to tag my new book "homosexuality" and that will be reported to -- I am not a homosexual. Sorry I am not Andrew Wolter, My name is Nickolaus Pacione, orientation straight male and hate author Poppy Z. Brite. Some asshole also tagged the book "Pedophilia" they need their ass kicked for doing that because they clearly want to ruin a guy's hard work and career. I worked very hard on Dirty Black Winter and I am not about to let some faggot ruin a book.
     Some bastard wants my book to have Poppy Z. Brite's fanbase but I don't agree with her fanbase so I insist that someone ceases from doing those tags to the books because it's giving me the wrong audience. It is something that would do because they had it in for me from the beginning.