Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a kind message from

Hi Nickolaus,

     Thank you for your email. We have identified the taggers and will be in touch with them. Thanks again for letting us know about the issue. If you see inappropriate tagging continuing to show up on your content, please inform us immediately. Thank you for choosing and have a wonderful day!


     T Brittany W.

The ones who are doing the malicious tagging are also behind the vandalism on the listing of the magazine so if anyone wants to know more about the magazine, please go the website itself. It came to my attention that the gay mafia member Janrae Frank managed to get a copy of Blood Contender. The only conclusion I can draw is that GUD Magazine leaked the story and they're lying about it up and down. The biggest hoax in the business that magazines don't leak stories -- well it is true with The Dark Fiction Spotlight and it's also true with Gayest Uncommon Denominator. So I sent him an invoice because how many times it had been violated because of his irresponsible handling of the story so I expect to be paid for the costs he had cost me. The headaches of not being able to place it because it was leaked.
     That is the worst thing you can do to a writer -- leak a story on them without their permission or steal their pen name to write a libelous book using their signature story for it. Brian Keene stole my pen name and I am guessing he is behind the circle that is AngryInIllinois. Paranoid no -- he has a vendetta because I called Mary Sangiovanni a whore. Well he said it not me. Brian Keene will have a massive lawsuit on him for stealing my pen name for his sick game. Then coming on a site with my old pictures trying to say the pen name writes homosexual slash fiction when he writes politically charged Gothic Horror.
     Writing a story using a writer's pen name is just like raping someone's wife and making them watch. Brian Keene's books need to be boycotted for that matter and all his catalog needs to be torched for that reason. He's an amoral prick that should have died of a heart attack, maybe I would pray for the next one to kill him.
     It had also came to my attention that some cult on is going around posting my work without my permission, what if I wanted to sell those stories? I've been trying to shop one of them around and the homo named Thomas M, had tried to put his name on my work -- pulling another David Boyer. Meagan Hightower the fat landwhale had also did the same thing with Blood Contender because it showed up on the panic press board saying that the story is a pussy fairy story when the real story is a boxer story where the fighter is a vampire. I had done a blog on about how they would vandalize my listing frequently and they're not going to stop either. My account has the guidelines posted there if you're looking for them too go to and see the archives. If you missed where the guidelines are posted look for October 23, 2011. Because that would be where it is and posted behind a cut tag. The people doing the tags are the vandals on the magazine listing and they're accounts are slated to be removed from so if they had any plans on publishing books with them, those plans had been destroyed.