Monday, October 10, 2011

fuck someone thinks I am Boyer

I am pissed they said that because he stole from Richard Matheson, there are a lot of things I share with Richard Matheson in terms of similarities being a wide range horror author. I also write with heterosexual couples exclusively, so that is where some people might draw the conclusion but I didn't steal from anyone. That is the flaming fruitloop, Thomas M. going around with his cyberbullying all over again. This is something that will piss him off -- when people say I got no fans, my fans spread across the entertainment industry. The bio on got it right about me.
     What makes me sick is all the bullying -- they think they can push me down but when it gets to someone I knew for 20 and respected. It got personal especially when it came to Brian Keene. I am guessing AngryInIllinois is really Brian Keene. He supports bullies like The Chrusty Rail who didn't read the article in the Joliet paper, and Mike Mullig the fucking cubicle slave actually had the gall to take a shit on that article calling it fluff. I am giving him a chance to say that in Richmond because I will have him carted off for slander. I wonder how many lawsuits Brian Keene has on him.
      But saying that I am stealing from I AM LEGEND, that is fucked up and I would never do that. Boyer doesn't have the stones to go on video explaining why he steals from so many including me. I would be thinking about writing Ferral to see if he would want to write for an anthology I am putting together with a different story he wrote that Boyer stole -- Boyer the fag stole from me too, he stole A Mind Of Illness. I had someone steal from me before for my magazine -- they plagiarized a story called The Ferryman's Wheelchair from The House of Pain.
      A source told me that Cox actually was going to steal from Sony for her rip-off anthology of GAME OVER. She had a PS3 controller for her cover and had blantantly had an image of Sony on the console. I am waiting for her to do something stupid and post that cover because she would have herself a lawsuit and she would need to pawn her kids to the black market to pay back her debts. The only future she has is writing Twilight Fan Fiction and getting celebrated with it because she is nothing but a fandom wank endorsed troll who was a plant in the industry. The only way someone can save her rat hole is if they had a bunch of writers who hate me get together and do an anthology.
      She might as well get a job like those two broke girls flipping burgers, bonus and a free copy of the anthology if someone gets a photo of her wearing a McDonald's uniform. I know that is a little evil, but that is something that AngryInIllinois is better off doing -- flipping burgers and bullying the cashiers. That is the future he has because all the things he did were built upon a lie and another lie -- cannot keep his lies straight. Especially when I was working fast food for the final time, I quit working Burger King when I was 22 because it was demeaning and didn't get the hours to support an apartment. I don't get the ones who are fiftysomething working there -- that is a teenagers job.
      I am thinking that when I got my computer fixed I am focused as ever, I invited some former contributors who walked to be part of a project giving them a choice of having a place in history or remaining with a rathole. Boyer doesn't have an original thought in his head, I take a lot from my own life -- hoping that I would inspire writers with this blog or with the memoir. I have the photo ready for the novel and looking to have this set up with an artist too. I don't go sleeping with the artists to get the artwork such as Cox did, and the artist is less than skilled. I wish that cyberbullying homo would get a life and fall in love with a fucking unicorn. That might come off as being quite offensive but really I don't care. I am just pissed someone thrown that accuati0on of me stealing from one of my influences as an author, an author I respect very much.
      Nor Boyer or Cox have any respect for anyone -- that was their downfall. I knew Cox wasn't going to last, so I outlasted that one too. That is what she gets for trying to fuck with one of my contracts.