Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Any submissions sent to me

Will be looked at for the magazine when the computer gets home from repair -- it is a huge $375 bill to have this fixed. I will be getting the rest of the money for the repair job on December 3rd then it will be my post office box paid up. I apologize for those who are waiting for the issue to come out -- it will be all worth the wait. I sent the namesake anthology off to Primo Magazine and sure that would piss off the SomethingAwful.com set because they are showing their facist nature right now. I am trying to talk to a friend to type up the entries I am handwriting in a composition book and giving her a rare edition of Tabloid Purposes IV as compensation for her work.
    I am in the status of using public computers so I am using this to update my blog to people to see the magazine is still alive, but just waiting for the computer to be completely operational before I do anything there. I am setting up a special e-mail address for a project I am putting together the moment the computer is fixed and this will be for people to send submissions for an anthology I am doing that follows up the namesake project. I am getting things for the trip and will be getting my train ticket next month -- but I am taking donations for the computer to be completely paid up by next month so I can get the late issue ready to go. I am e-mailing people who are submitting for the issue so I am letting them know I am looking at the submissions the moment the computer is fixed.
     I am looking to have everything ready to go before I leave for Richmond in terms of the magazine. There will be video of me done by the museum speaking at the Poe Shrine. I am looking forward to the trip to speak that museum and the line up will be straggling in throughout the year to sign the book for the curator so the curator will have a line up signed book. I will be chatting with possible writers on the namesake project via facebook when I get to a computer to update the blog or check my messages on there. I am cleaning out my gmail inbox as I speak and looking through the hatemail. I got my copy of Dirty Black Winter as it is corrected so that means the book is available on Amazon.com soon and one of the stories in the book is a free preview. The person who is doing the libelous tags of the book will be kicked off lulu.com when I report the tags to the staff of the site because they did a good job cleaning house on this sort of thing. The person who did those tags didn't read the second story about me chosing to sleep on a park bench in Baltimore than in bed with a faggot male.