Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Cox Got Her Info?

The Das Cunt got her information about me from a place called, a place that hates me for every reason for another and she posted this information on her message board too. I think she would try to get them to help her with that so called book that is an expose about me. Clearly one of her fat ass cunt writers went and did a one star of my book without reading it so as far as I am concerned she's nothing but a Twilight fan fiction writer. I am sure that group would be saying, "Fuck You" when they see this blog -- they are nothing but slash writing rejects that would write just about write of anything disgusting for their entertainment. Well as far as I am concerned the only fame that Cox will have is writing fan fiction of Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Christopher Pike.
     According to my sources she's done writing fiction too and I was looking over her message board at clearly what she did was smear me every step of the way on a public level -- wait until she sees the finished anthology and I will send it to her personally when it's done because she would want to wrap her ;lips around a magnum and pull the trigger. That is a mental picture that everyone in the publishing business would want to see except for her ass kissers like The Dark Fiction Spotlight. I see Cox in the same light as those slash writing fags from that site. Panic Press is good as dead, and now it's time to burn the witch at the stake. I wonder if PS3 caught wind of Cox stealing from Sony for her ripoff of GAME OVER. The threat of making my novel available for free on her site is grounds enough to take her on Judge Mathas to sue her over slander -- I wonder how much money is she worth because I am going to make her pawn her organs to the black market.
     She looks like she ate a box of little debbies in less than 15 minute -- fucking chimpmunk cheeks. She can kiss my ass and let my distant cousins fuck her a few times with a bag over her head. It's no secret that she's the target in The Fandom Writer 2 -- and when I get my new story done I will get back to work on writing The Fandom Writer 2. She is going to like having her page vandalized day and night because the asshole who runs is fucking bias too. When the person did the page on of me -- they actually used what they wrote on wikia and to do it, I am wondering who is the mystery writer who did all their research is because I want to thank him or her -- that is the person I want to be my biographer.