Tuesday, October 11, 2011

address storefront changed

The storefront for my lulu.com account changed to this, and I am still learning how to use that one because they don't allow HTML anymore but the cool feature they have is they do allow video. That is something I am going to take full advantage of. I noticed that there are a few people adding some really helpful tags with the anthologies too -- tags that are more acurate to the anthology than the "gay" "erotica" and "porn" tags to the books. I am guessing that marlowe1 had something to do with that, he's not really a good Jew if he's willing to bare false witness.
      Well with that being said there is a lot to this new storefront I need to get used to on many ways and many levels. I am used to having some cool HTML done to the storefront but they retired that because they wanted to make it more friendly with google. I will be doing a video the moment I get some batteries in the camera and get a new card reader. It seems like when one thing gets fixed another thing breaks. I am just waiting on my royalties from Lulu.com to get some gout medicine for my foot. I am going around with a major limp and that sucks to the core.
      I have to update the Angry Guinea Books storefront as well, but right now doing a press release for the anthology. Better late than never I guess, I want to send that to one of the Italian-American journals with a pdf of the anthology for them to review. Hopefully it doesn't turn out like that horror-web bitch promoting the piracy of the book and people offering pirated copies of Tabloid Purposes 2. I saw in my e-mail that the one called sweetexile is promoting the piracy of a book -- not cool. I don't pirate books even the authors I hate with a passion. I respect that side of the industry but I don't respect Boyer at all because he's going around harassing Jeani after the fact she went after him for plagiarism. IT pisses me off that Boyer uses his pen names on lulu.com to sell his plagiarism -- that gives self-publishers and self-released material a bad name.