Monday, October 10, 2011

Keene Had A Chest Buster

Fuck Him--it should have killed him because it serves him right for talking shit about my family. If I found him there with the chest buster, I just let him rot. Some people may want my blood for that one but I could care less -- for him saying the shit about me in May. I just found out about that and someone who knew me from way back caught wind of it. Keene likes to sabotage people left and right, that heart attack is punishment for it. I could see Keene getting pissed at me for that one, he should have never thought about touching Lake Fossil.
     Some might say that is up there with what I said about my ex-fiancee's dead mother about dancing on her grave. What he did is up there with what Sammi E. Cox had done to my writing career in trying to stifle the thing. Keene should have learned from Cox because her career is done unless she is going to be writing twilight fan fiction exclusively now. Someone told me her company is closed down now but I am trying to see the website to make sure it's closed and dead. Any straight writer and they must be straight willing to defect from PAnic Press -- first person to defect gets a spot on Issue 14 of the magazine. Lead spot if they get the anthology they were in flagged from
     She can keep the useless bastards of The Dark Fiction Spotlight but one of them I want for the line up and that's the one who is my age because if I can single her out -- I can prove that all of them are holding her back. The only way she can get the company back is if she gets a lot of writers who all hate me equally writing an anthology that hammers into me. Now she wants to do something like that because I think she blames me for the death of Panic Press. That was a sinking ship of shit anyway.