Saturday, October 15, 2011

one ignorant sow

Jenna Leary []
To: "" []

I really loved the one where an exorcism was done on one of your books, but my new favorite is the one where the Navy dropped a bomb on one.

It's been a long time since I did a wall of shame posting on here but this is a new one for the wall. I will post hate mail if given the right climate. Meaning they have to really piss me off to post it. Anyone who watches videos and enjoys watching my books get torched deserves a special place in hell for tormenting someone with a mental unstability to them. Going around bragging about creating libelous domains then having assholes like the book burners using them as a way to represent their house of cards called "ownership" when they never owned the company to begin with.
     So with that the ignorant sow called Ms. Leary had earned her place on the wall of shame within the public view of my weblog. That is part of the reason I post hate mail when I get it so everyone can sit down point and laugh at the ignorant assholes and ignorant sows in the world. She's another fucking Robin Edwardo in that sense of the word. Edwardo takes a shit on three of my most well known publication credits in the small press, one of them got me noticed by Maynard-Sims who were also published with them. She goes defending a writer who opened herself up for every insult in the book. As for Jenna, that is just the same.
    I didn't stalk Gambino, I warned her away from Panic Press because I knew what kind of publisher they were. I've dealt with that kind in Timothy Lieder, and when I see a sow like Jenna Leary saying she wants to see more videos of my books getting burned I really have to ask what kind of Naxi she is. People like this are truly distracting from the creative process, so I am not going to waste any more fucking time with them.