Sunday, October 16, 2011

The House Of Horror

just became my prison bitch. She wants to accuse me of stealing other writers stories for my anthologies -- I am going to say that I don't go around stealing titles from other publishers anthologies for my anthology titles. I finally found this blog post and now I want to flat out shoot her in the fucking face. She's been a urinal cake before but looks like one of my Tabloid Purposes guys deballed her on this because I do e-mail exchanges as contract and phone conversations. Has she even read any of the Tabloid Purposes -- she is going after one of my stars in the book too, but he said and I will not mention his name, "fuck her."
     When the cunt is referring to fandom wankt for the information about me that is open grounds for a lawsuit and I am looking to really sue her but when I do she would have to sell her kids ot the black market. Irony that she did this when I was working on Issue 12 -- and that is when all the writers rallied together and did the best issue of the magazine to come out of either The Ethereal Gazette or the Tabloid Purposes flagship. Have fun scraping together submissions Cox because I am going to bury Panic Press and House of Horror for the cute little blog you did. This had just became her funeral march and everyone is pissing on the grave of Panic Press. Eventually people are going to want to piss on her and her father's grave when they're gone then make her daughters watch.
     I saw her message board post about ne too and she will be boiled in oil because of it then feed her to the cannibals to pick her bones. She thinks I am evil for that kind of post, some of the writers asked me if I am going to dedicate the next anthology to the death of Panic Press. She tried to bully one publishing company out of the landscape and he came back with a new publishing outfit. But Panic Press will never recover from the colladeral damage I am going to leave. I am going to drop a nuclear bomb on her company in terms of when I am done no one will ever want to work with her unless it's all those slash writing fags from fandomwank wanting to do an expose book about me.
    nbsp;She really messed with the wrong person here, and it is clear right now what kind of heart she has then one place being bias of her. They don't want to admit they're bias but the owner of spookyfiction is dealing with another Sherrod DeGrippo. I am presenting an ultimatum to Cox on this blog. Take that post down of me or you will be sued along with losing your shitty Lefora Message board.