Thursday, October 13, 2011

new feed added

Since I have a hard time getting the archive page set up, I am going to have a feed of five entries from as an atom feed on this blog for people can read each entry on there -- I have a tagbox for those who want to interact with me on there. I want something for people who come to this blog and read the entries in the feed and some of my works from are on an rss feed too. If you have a livejournal, I encourage you to do a feed to the journal too to give it some traffic because they do one entry at a time when it's a feed from another place.
     There will be links to each entry individually too on there and they have a zero tolerance for impersonation. So if you have a hard time getting to each entry, this will be an easy way to access them as they are released on the location. I am always working on new entries for that location and it is often updated when I have something that's 2100-3000 words to read and when I get about 20-30 entries I will choose a few from them to make a book for I am doing a few anthologies too and will be announcing them on Blurty. and are the only places I have that are similar to left. There was a lot of bullshit on and a lot of the bullying I got stemmed from