Monday, October 10, 2011

new free read

While I am working on some more print exclusive works, there will be a free read every now and then and they will be linked up to the size here of this blog as an rss feed, this journal will also play host for a combined writing and video journal meaning there will be entries between 2000-3000 words paired with videos when I get the videos going. This will work like my diary-x journal when I had that going.
     This is what I wrote from all the entries that were handwritten in the notebook. I wrote this in the vein I wrote a story that will be going in the namesake anthology volume two. I was cleaning out the e-mail address being used by that one because I had some dipshit try to sign it up for fag porn. I am not amused, whoever did it needs their balls cut off. Well with that being said -- here's Casting The Stones. The journal is called An Author's Journal -- and it has a chatbox that pops up on here. The new place is from the guys who brought out Diary-X in the early part of the 2000s. I will send people from my friends on facebook to join me on This will be the first free read in a long time and this one came from a nightmare I had that came about from being called a troll and a stalker by Carrie Monster.
     This will have the feel of the memoir. I am going to e-mail this to a few websites to get the listing about me updated to replace the wordpress blog with this link instead because some cunt got the wordpress pulled. The memoir can be linked from here and one can compare the two to see the similarities. I will eventually be putting the entries in this one journal together in a book when I have enough entries. I am doing this to celebrate that I got my computer back home and able to get some serious work done with the magazine. I am scouting for artists now for parts of Issue 13 where it is not just my work and a public domain work of art in there going with a famous short story in the public domain.