Thursday, October 13, 2011

asshole admits it

The asshole stalker and cyberbully finally admits he's trying to ruin me with the false domains of The Ethereal Gazette and Broken Mindframe Books. It was clear he wanted to stifle the magazine because my not allowing gay content -- I got a lot of nasty names because of this then I got this faceless cunt stalking me site to site too. All of the goons need to be car bombed for what they've done. I know that sounds a little violent but I have no fucking tolerance for bullies. It is the one thing I hate with a passion. I am keeping my hostile postings off the site while they do their investigations. is doing their own investigations about who is the taggers of my books with the Pedophilia and homosexuality tags. I want to kick the taggers ass over it. I left some unpleasant tags but they're rooted in truth and my experience dealing with them. I noticed the assholes at Encyclopeda Dramatica came back with the page about me too. I am trying to figure out a way where I can really sue them over it. Seriously looking into lawyers and all of that to see what it takes for them to pay the damages they did to my reputation. I took a hit because of that and because of the assholes of I wish my cousin didn't follow because 4chan hates me. I got called some pretty unpleasant things because of my no sex policy -- when I took a stand against slash fiction, they wanted my head on a platter.
 ;    I am taking what they did to me on a public level to show people that they can't do it to anyone else. I am pissed and looking for my resolve. It's clear that Encyclopedia Dramatica libeled me saying I contracted AIDS from Edgar Allan Poe's grave -- if they said that to my face they'd be getting their ass kicked from Jefferson Street in Joliet to State Street in Chicago. They hate me as it is and seems like Sherrod DeGrippo stepped down from there because she couldn't take the pressure of people breathing down her neck for all the shit she caused. I am waiting for the assholes to e-mail me after seeing the blog here because they're going to have spots on the wall of shame. Fags like this piss me off to the core -- and do it on a personal level. They make it really personal when they plagiarize then bully me on top of it. Then make long distance harassing phone calls committing the crime of harassment by phone and harassment by wire. IT's hard to press charges on people like this because it's a relatively new crime but when it comes to AutoAim I will have a case because he's harassed me for three years.