Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Progress On New Short Story

I reached the 2000 word range with this one and man it is a story I am going to be proud of when it's finished -- I mean House of Spiders and Spectral Exile proud when it gets done. Don't get me wrong I have special places for stories like Ghosts In The Tornado because it got me a readership in the United Kingdom, but this one I am going to aim high with the market to submit it too. I am doing this to see what I can do with it -- God willing. I am shocked I was able to pick up where I left off when the computer needed to go into repair for the motehrboard. I am using my Edgar Allan Poe delivery with this one but at the same time it has the Richard Matheson vibe going for it.
     I am thinking about sending this one to Zoetrope when it gets done, but I don't know just yet -- it would be cool to get something like that placed big. Though it is hard to crack the larger places I've been trying the past eight years to hit the bigger places -- the first place I was turned down from was Book of Dark Wisdom. I hope that none of my friends get mad at the story I call Casting The Stones. I noticed that the story about me from the Joliet paper caught wind at Hellnotes.com. I found this one when I was searching around for the Joliet article.
      I also wrote a new report called The Bully Effect which is on Deviantart.com. I did that after the bullying Brian Keene had done to me -- his bullying is thinly veiled. Though I had put this out in the open -- I did that for people to read to get some background about why I am the way I am now. The reason I grew the hair and the facial hair. The bullying became a social normalcy and that is a disturbing thing especially since the adults are the ones who are also doing the bullying ahem The Crusty Rail who goes and violates copyrights with posting certain articles without the newspapers permission. I had the permission to scan the Courant when it was done, and I printed out the other paper for a magazine out east. I sent my anthology to PRIMO Magazine and looking to send it to the other one that's in Riverside, Illinois.
      I am working to get the anthology noticed by the Italian-American community because I am not too far off from sticking to my heritage. I sent to Primo recently out of curiousity to see if they would do a review of it and document the speaking at the museum. I noticed that the bully Thomas M. had tried to say he hasn't sent anything well he doesn't run Lake Fossil Press though he is going out of his way to sabotage anything I do -- one of the bullies created a fake site called Lake Fossil Films when I don't have a film company and clearly I will not do gay porn if I did. I am looking to do an umbrella company that will be filed as an LLC. I am looking to call it a Trust and this will be the umbrella for both Lake Fossil Press and Writings From The Grave -- the namesake anthology is the second book to be published under Writings From The Grave. Dirty Black Winter is the third to be published like this.
      So with that -- there are two new free reads that came out in the same day one later that night and one earlier that day. I am doing that to keep people occupied while working on the new short story I am writing exclusively to submit out.