Tuesday, October 18, 2011

making progress

The new story is now 8200 words and looking to top it out at about 8800 words and seeing where I can send it off to. I got that faggot claiming he wrote 15 Minutes Before The 11th Hour but how could he had written the story when I have the master manuscripts here in my files unless he's another David Boyer -- ahem B-thoughtful go after him too. The new novelette is one that I plan to shop around too, and for those looking for some entertainment at the expense of Sherrod DeGrippo I found this on uncyclopedia. I kind of wondered if she had an adam's apple.
    I am beginning to think that DeHippo is AngryInIllinois or something along those lines and another I think it is is another Thomas in the business who got pissed off at my strict guidelines -- the asshole has to realize I have Lake Fossil Press across the bottom of the front cover of Issue 13 and on the front page of the magazine. So I am not about to change the name of my company because some faceless cyberbully thinks it's funny -- well he can give his mother a baby as far as I care. I had to clean out and ban people from my cbox because they are doing things that are really insulting and abusing the thing. The got a ban that is going to not expire and the fucker behind spookyfiction.wikia.com is going to show he's bias towards Sam Cox too.
    When I get done with the story I am working on some more for the journal and another story as Lloyd Phillip Campbell -- and no he is not a fag poet that people are trying to get him convinced of being and that is the work of trolls by other trolls passing a blog around blogging as the fake handle. I will be reporting that blog to wordpress.com saying that I didn't create a blog there nor that I write fag poetry as him either. As Lloyd I write Conservative tinged Gothic Horror that is as hard edged as my own name.