Friday, October 28, 2011

the magazine details look here

If you're looking for a more reliable location for the magazine submission guidelines try the because the dicks on and their allies are vandalizing the pages on at a fevered pitch then making sure I would never get a line up. So I am going to post the guidelines as a link on this blog and they're going to be explained in this entry -- I don't want sexual content because it distracts the story and don't want gay content because I am a Christian; I don't subscribe to the gay agenda. IF they want to send shit like that to me I will tell them to go pull a rabbit out of their ass.
     If I get a cocky professional editor kissing my ass, I am going to say "fuck you pay me." Because of my magazine being the way it is I had so many taggers giving it insulting tags without reading the magazine. Some of them want every magazine out there to be a gay publisher. Well Lake Fossil Press and The Gazette isn't one of those publishers, it's clear as water. There are just many out there that don't want a magazine like this to exist and would be happy the day the magazine finally folds, well the day it folds will be the day I get too old and frail to run the magazine meaning I plan to do this magazine into old age if all possible. I plan to continue Tabloid Purposes also but the guidelines for each one gets harder and harder.
     I have a proposed publisher for the nonfiction anthology, J-Law sent me the link to the publication too. I was almost part of Raw Dog Screaming Press in 2006 when I was shopping around for publishers for House of Spiders 3. Of the writing team, I am the representative of the two. I am looking to publish a writer that Brian Keene made a crusade to make sure he never got published again. Well I am going to make the crusade to force Keene into the retirement that Poppy Z. Brite was forced into when she/he/whatever the fuck it is couldn't relate to the body of her/his/whatever the fuck it is' work.
     When I am on the commute I would always take a copy of the magazine with me to read, the one that I would take on the commute is Issue 5 because it's by far the most innovative of the issues. It's the most Tabloid Purposes-Like of the issues, up to Issue 12. It's now a debate of which one is the darkest issue, and hoping I can get something cool going for Issue 14 and should have my camera working. The cover of 14 will be taken at The Poe Shrine with the camera I bought that does video and still. So the reason the magazine's guidelines after Issue 13 are published on the blog because some retarded little prick mongrel bastard is going around anally raping the listing repeatedly trying to make it a damned gay publication or trying to say I "watch" some kind of sick gay porn. I don't even read porn magazines, I don't even own them those things degrade people like pieces of meat.
     Now those looking for the pay rate, I have that linked up too. I don't put my name on other people's bylines because that's not cool at all. That is what the fuckstain, Thomas Mudmuncher, does when he makes fun of the true story I wrote about the car accident I had as a bike messenger. It's not a pink girls bike that got crashed into the car and went under. The ideas weren't his to begin with and he's just like David Boyer in that sense of the word.
     Also when someone uses one's own pen name to slander them with a book, that is a case right there it's another thing similar to plagiarism. The mannerisms of the originator's pen name isn't there, you can tell who created the pen name by the style they used writing as them. I really masked my style writing as my keyname. Lloyd Phillip Campbell to me is Hertzen Chimera to Mike Philbin. A pen name is a treasured thing for a writer who created the pen name originally, and I will vouch that the pen name didn't write gay poetry or a slanderous book. The Pen name claimed I stole their identity when I created the persona for the writer. I created an image that is quite dark and hardcore as Lloyd, and I will keep writing as him but I will work on shutting down the books that the terrorists would do just to bully me as him.