Saturday, October 15, 2011

current word count

The current word count I have on the new short story is about 5400 words. The story in itself has alot of power behind it and someting I am using to the maximum effect. I am hoping I can keep this one under 7000 for a possible Zoetrope submission, there is another one I am looking to send this off to but it would be a true challege getting it placed. With Panic Press completely dead and now my favorite urinal cake, I have just announced on that I got Issue 13 done, and now I can take a short break from being a publisher for a little while and be more the writer again -- I am taking submissions for the next two anthologies and they're announced by e-mail and I am being so secretive with the two is because of a homo trying to tell the world I am David Boyer -- how the fuck can I be that plagiarist?
      I am editing The Lair Of The White Worm for Jason Hughes because he was asking me about how to operate with independantly he wants to publish Without Notice himself and when he does that he got his first customer. I am looking to help him with every bit of the process of editing, and typesetting of the book. That is one thing one has to know how to do when working with Arranging the typesetting on the word processor. I am now talking like someone who actually operated a printing press, well in high school I was familiar with working with an AB DICK printing machine but not with a printing press that made newspapers.
      To upload a book on he has to learn how to segment the worm in the sense meaning he has to upload the book as parts, the title and copyright page, the dedication page or ackhnowledgements, a toc if doing an anthology, an introduction, then the body of the book all as pdf files if he wants the book to be a success on That is all part of the DYI aspect of publishing. I was DYI from the git-go and that is something that kept me going as a writer, and I will submit out at the same time too. As some jackhole said of Dirty Black Winter calling it masterbatory -- no, I had stories that were published in other publications. I just had a few nonfiction pieces too and those were hard to place. Edgar Allan Poe was a self publisher, so was Charles Dickens --and the most famous editor. If you were an editor you looked to Charles Dickens and August Derleth, they did it right -- Derleth is the first horror publisher exclusively. The first writer turned publisher in the genre.
      Teaching writers how to self publish effectively is something I do to pass the time, I don't charge an arm and a leg to format teh book for because I don't take a lot of time with formatting a book anymore because it became easy for me. When I got Dirty Black Winter down -- it took me only two days to get it formatted for publication and that was the body. It took me four hours to do the table of contents of the anthology because I was trying to figure out the sequencing of the order. Many anthologists go to to publish anthologies because it is designed for it, but now they are going back to my ex-publisher as their current publisher. Some people don't understand how was my publisher at one point when they bought out
     I was not happy with booksurge so I joined I don't have a pdf blender or ghost scripts to blend pdf files. That is where I might need help with the design and the layout if I am going to work with again. I will have some anthologies with and some with if I can get it just right. Then one or two with if they can let me upload more than one pdf file. Working on new material on top of practicing with public domain novels, what I am doing is really honing my skills as an editor -- not bad for someone who had a limited college education. That is one thing some people underestimate with me, and in a society where it is almost ran by homos I feel like that damn minority when I do a publishing house that goes without sex.