Thursday, September 22, 2011

computer is sent off

I sent my computer off to be repaired not knowing how much it will be to have the computer fixed where I can do the company. I am planning the next three anthologies when the computer gets here celebrating the seven year anniversary of Lake Fossil Press. I sent a copy of Emanations to a book store in Ottawa, Illinois, to see if I can get a booksigning for it there. I learned that Panic Press is out of business now -- she embarassed all the writers by publishing unedited material well she is not a very good speller. I am in Joliet right now to check my mail so I would take the time to do a blog on here letting people know I am still around.
     The entry from a few days ago is public and a mirrored entry from my I wrote one of the new entries all on paper for the single entry journal and that one is a good sized one too. I am looking foward to get that off the ground now because I talk about the fights with fandomwank in there. Those fights are what inspired the story Media Darling along with the ones where I go at it with DJ Pathogen. I am waiting for people to see those when they get typed up because I put a lot of thought into them -- I haven't wrote things down on paper and pen in a long time so that is something that will be the first there as I will continue to type out my work first. I saved some of my stories to e-mail so I have them when the computer is fixed. The next anthology I will featured three or four ex-Panic Press writers because they worked with me first.