Friday, July 27, 2007

this is nuts now and something badass that Philbin said.

I showed the non-fiction book to Mike Philbin and the suggestion he made completely blown me out of the water. I should pitch the book when finished to a movie producer (damn this is really motivating me to really get this done now.) Mike -- wow, holy shit. That is a killer idea. I am thinking about it more and more now. It will be interesting to see what happens.

It was written out of his advice of me being an investegative journalist and some of my investigation came to realize that Dagstine wants to now stop my career too. Doing a book like this is dangerous, and yes if it makes it out there it will make me a force of nature. It was a challenge for me to get as far as I did with this book already and it is close to the size of Mike's 40,000 word novellas. The book itself will be 200 pages when I have it done or close to done.

This thing by September will be close to 80,000 words if I keep going. Scars Publications will be in contact with me to get it out there. The short run of the book will allow me to get it in the hands of the producers out here. I noticed some are getting scared that the book is being written and wondering if they will be libel'd or not.

I am surprised that this is some of the best advice I got so far in the industry. I think this is something that needed to be written, and the thing that gave me the kick in the ass to wrtite a full length effort. When Mike Philbin gives advice like that about a book, you know it is going to be something that will be huge. This book will have the revulsion of the peers covered. Hope he doesn't mind me quoting him on that one.

A few years ago, I couldn't imagine being in an interview where I would have been comparing notes with Mike Philbin, but now when I read his work over the years -- and speaking also as a surrealist photographer. It makes sense now to me. Since conducting an interview with Philbin myself, I also managed to pull off paragraphs that start at 100-105 word burts.

Mike taught me the business in some ways, and others I learned the lessons on my own the hard way about the mutinies in the business. When they do an interview with you, be prepared for the editor to either like you or hate you afterward. When the editor e-mails you saying you got a home on the site, they like you. If they go trying to trash up the publishing company and sabotage the anthologies you edit -- they hate you. I've seen the jerkholes who are doing this and one of them serves our country, as much as I support the troops who serve this country in the time of war. This guy is an embarassment to this great nation of ours.

Both these two I think fucked the pooch so to speak, and when this book comes out I am popping the shocker here. They're nervous and yes I can't wait for this sucker to get finished because of that very fact. They are going to keep looking on this blog waiting for what happens next. Supportors and enemies alike will be watching what happens Next. And Dagstine, I will not be running your story in my anthology. I just said what I said to get a rise out of you and see how pissed off you'd get.