Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dagstine's Motives Are Known

The real motives are known for the interview, to stop me from writing the non-fiction book. It won't be stopped or prolonged. Yes this book is going to be out there and already he's building the hype around it and there will be a new press coming out exclusively for this book. Angry Guinea Books, and this will be the first book coming out from AGB. Just for that I am not going to count his interview as an interview that helps my career.

I am adding more to the book and yes this thing is going to be about 88 pages right now, and pitching it to a few places. Publish America wants it but I am going to send them the finished bound copies saying if they want it they have to give me full creative freedoms other than that no. This is going to be a huge game of chess, knowing what his motives were and now I am going to keep the motherfucker guessing my move now.

Mental carnage when I do get it finished, but this is more the filtered version of the original book that I was doing in 2005. If I had that version out there, it will caused more damage than this version. If I can get this book done, it will get in the hands of the newspapers out here along with a video explaining everything. So yeah it will be done, and it is going to take a darker turn with it too. The darker it is, I think the more people will keep reading. The fact there are going to be a lot in the industry playing pied piper leading people over the cliff. This book is going to have acid and piss in the veins too and I showed a publisher who is running a short story of mine a passage of the book. He saw the interview too and learned the motives why Dagstine did it.

I am that loaded gun, and that interview was that gun going off. I noticed another "editor" blasting on that interview too. Yeah I am mouthing off on the dickhead too in here, Lincoln, listen boy -- you got something to say to me, say it via email and take with me on a one to one basis instead of a mob action. The more people respond in mob action I will respond with this book.

You can't stop me Dagstine, stopping me will only drive you mad. You only got your soul to lose there man, and messing with "Old Nick" when you go messing with someone's career. Get used to seeing my name published more often in different places, because that's going to burn your ass more. Success is the best revenge mother fucker, get used it.