Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One of many new interviews that are popping up

This one is one of the interviews I did getting ready for the appearance in The Literary Bone #2, and I am at my most raw here. Lawrence thanx for giving me a chance to rail off about the industry, and the non-fiction book is taking a break for some new short fiction I am working on as I speak.
It was fun to do this interview and this is as long as my non-fiction story in The Ethereal Gazette. I also noticed that some faggot is back up and running too. The interview that I did with a newspaper two years ago, the Morris Herold I think could been handled better but it took a pot shot at a fucker who did a book that had a generic cover.
I will doing an interview with Skullring.org, and that one I am not railing off here but it will shock people thow two writers who are so damn different from each other can get along.