Friday, July 27, 2007

damn this is nuts

I have to hand to the Navy guy here because I know a lot of people who get off on bullying people online. So yeah this guy I will have to say I am smirking a little bit because it is a scary scenario because of the fact some people would go offering up doctored pictures that are libel. I know the hatemails will pour in but I will say don't fuck with people who did serve in the NAVY because you might never know what kind of crazy shit a sailor might do.

I get more therapy writing retribution type stories, this is the type of thing I only write about. When I see a story like this come to life I was thinking, "Holy shit did this guy found something I wrote and got some inspiration from it."

The only thing wrong is that he got caught. But damn, I smile because all those internet fucks who give me a lot of time wish got some viruses on their computer and eat all the doctored pictures they did or they end up getting a virus with a book they pirated.

I will make a remark to the kid who got his house burned down there, dude you fucked up. Don't mess with people like that because shit is bound to happen. It is disturbing but true, and yes I feel like Geraldo Rivera sometimes when I look into stories like this and as like Mike Philbin suggested I should get into investegative journalism.

This is another reason why people shouldn't goad people who have a mental illness, or someone who is that resourceful. I get mad yes, but would I go actually burn someone's house down, no. Would I taunt someone to tell them to use my picture as a dart board -- yes. The guy who burned down the trailor took internet rage to an extreme.

I never thought of this before, some people when they get pissed off at me will express a lot of web rage. So the texas instance is the first case of web rage in the united states, and what's scary about it The Fandom Writer is a story about web-rage.

My house was ravaged by someone with web rage when they've went as far to pull up my old apartment's address, then another instance. The day Brian Keene did a signing in Morris, the window on the side of the house got broken. Someone threw a rock at it thinking that was my room. My book is going to be touching more into the web rage factor because that is someting that I think talk shows should talk about because of it.