Thursday, July 26, 2007

more hate mail

"Yo Bitch,
I want my money you stupid cock monkey. You owe me for 5 cases of vodka and 5 boxes of tylenol. You stupid weasel dick motherfucker.
Saying that I pirated your works was laughable at best. All I had to do was google your name and I found the stories online. On the websites YOU submitted them to.
As for that quote on your blog, that's not from the Keene. I know the man.
All I see from you guys is a LOT of jealousy. You're all hacks of the worst sort.
And I've heard about how you're not afraid of a little physical confrontation? Face down and ass up.
You're a little scuzball.
And for the record, if we ever meet, (pray to whatever god you worship that we never do), I will say this shit to your face.

It's like I said -- all hate mail will be posted. Guys who you are finding this from MySpace. The Administer of Agitation is back. My nickname coined by Trench Renoylds, when I would go off on murder junkies and nazi-fuckers. They are fucking pouring in now and damn somewhat I am amused but at the same time seeing the new impersonators wasn't even remotely funny. I am turning what the bastards are doing from the Media Blackout into something that will piss them off even more. Iti s like the pages of Marjanovic's novel. It is about peeling back the layers.

If they would be doing this to me in 1997, I'd be pulling the handle sharing prank and messing with them, but now I am trying to play it smarter the more they squirm it works to my advantage. Mike Philbin taught me a few tricks and now they are coming to play too here. I am a methodical type of writer and a methodical promoter too. So I know what I am doing here and it is amazing how many waves in the genre are and they either saying, "Yeah I know who Nickolaus Pacione is," or "fuck that mother fucker!"

I got to thank my line ups for being around as long as they have, the ones who stayed around the longest I am the closest knit with. I got a lot of the responses saying, "fuck that mother fucker."

Some of these Get Carter scenarios are coming and there are going to be more stories about conspiracy theories -- more the reason why Marjanovic is going to be a main stay in this business because her ability to create novels from conspiracy theories. This is almost coming right from the pages of a Tabloid Purposes in some ways too. I am officially part of the who's who of the horror genre now. If I wasn't already. Keep bitching ya bastards because all you're doing is giving me fuel to write about in my non-fiction book or the short stories.

Yeah I can actually picture some in the business right now printing up a picture of my head shot so they can play darts with it. Being the most pirated author in the business is one of the most insane things too and I can see where some would want to make sure I get pirated -- being the rants that I have on here. I could see the Rockaway hooker playing darts with my picture as she's trying to get a lawyer on me. Just because she's trying to do my career now I am going to keep coining her the Rockaway Hooker and I honesty think she turned a trick to get on Leisure.

For that fake goth from PA -- I guess she's giving the Rockaway, NJ, the shocker -- two in the pink and one in the stink. That one I can imagine showing up to one of my signings so she can just spit in my face or present me with a dart board with a picture on it hitting a bullseye or two. Some of these authors who got lamblasted in the interview acted like I have naked pictures of their wives on my desk. God I am making myself laugh so hard right now.

I just did an interview it's not like I went and fucked their wife or anything.