Thursday, July 26, 2007

All Hate Mail Will Be Posted

"The interview's done, jerkoff? This ain't the end, you fuckin closet fag! I will undermine you, low-bread, dagstine and your newest supporter 9eric enck and all of your other authors... your tabloid purpose authors will feel it cuz of u.

Hail Saten "

I will post all hatemail, something I did a lot of when I was younger and it will happen in this form. Posting all hate mail and this mother fucker has a connection to the F.U.K.U. camp. I refuse to suck saten's cock and rather send him back to hell. This is what happens when he fucks with the PACIONE entity. He doesn't know history too well when I went at it with the old editor of, the one that basically encouraged the piracy of my books without end. I locked horns with McKeeman and won because look who got published in more places and the other has a generic looking book cover.

This one was submitted to me via myspace and those of you who are part of the line ups of Tabloid Purposes I will be e-mailing you giving a heads up on the losers who are trying to sabotage the project. There will be an e-mail address people can take it up with the complaint department. Since I blocked all comments on this thing. All threats of lawsuits, jail time, and such will be posted too.

I am handling this one with a lot of tongue in cheek humor which pisses the naysayers off even more -- fine mother fuckers, you like to have the lulz at my account, fine. Just giving me more fuel to write about on that non-fiction book I am working on. I've seen hate mails like this at least twice a year -- for the last ten years. So if I was to publish a book on all the hate mail that I got it would sell because it shows what kind of shit I had to put up with.

Send your best hatemail ya bastards, come on you know you want to have a shot at me or take a shit on my name. Especially you assholes on The Other Dark Place. Since you like to blast on me without any intellegence I am giving you assholes a chance to take shots at me and get published for it. Come on mother fuckers you know you want to.

Since you like to really hammer on me --I want to see you hammer on me one on one instead of hammering on me in a mob action. Ya fuckers, you can't handle one on one confrontation. I have proof of that on a number of occasions.

Sure I am used to the people hating on me now, but damn leave the hate off of amazon where people can actually buy the books. Reviews are supposed to help sales of a book not encourage piracy of a book. I noticed that people are bragging about how they're pirating a preliminary version of an anthology (the first one in 2005,) christ the mass pirating they're talking about.

This is what happens when you refuse to suck saten's cock, and he makes it really hard for people who hate his guts. So yeah it is a funny thing to watch when he doesn't get his way. He's another McKeeman, and I see people like him come and go. Keene won't last in this business because of the kind of shit he does to people in the small press. He makes it hard for authors to get readers and sales, and brags about getting your books for free when you never made them available for free.

His friends would go around putting your books up on php and file sharing programs, brag about how they're going to pirate a book.

So if you have complaints want me to go fuck myself, or all your fucking threats against my career take it up with the complaint department.