Tuesday, July 24, 2007

open address to naysayers

I noticed one of the fuckers now on myspace who is a dickhole trying to ruin me on myspace. I guess I should point the little fuck to my blog entry right here. I will do a post here about that little "blackout" the cuckold sisters are doing. Those of you who read the interview will get the joke behind the cuckhold sisters.
The cool thing behind the interview is that I made a lot of new friends in the industry and might end up having a publisher out of too. There aren't that many interviews with me some are the ones that will sting and one was fake interview from the asshole convention. But the interviews I am getting now are the real thing, and that is making it all the sweeter too.
I guess with that light, there are going to be a lot of assholes out there who are going to bitch all the more and finding ways to pirate the existing anthologies I got out there. Fuck -- more doctored pictures are turning up and damn it isn't even funny anymore. I got one editor who lamblasted me already when I haven't had any beef with him. But seems like when he came to comment on me it took the interview to show his disgust with me. Sure insult someone who also served the country. I am trying to not say anything because he did serve the country.
Seems like I can spark up controversy by myself, but wait until I get more signings and the idiot brigade are finding out I am being published in more places. I won't be sending to Michael Knost anytime soon -- after the reply he made to the post from the cuckhold sisters. I also got bored and googled my name 47,000 hits back too. Some from the asshole gallery too, my warring and locking horns with two members of the evil fuck squad. Evil fuck squad here I refer as mass market asshole, the fan fiction masterbator, and the cuckhold sisters.
So yeah the more they bitch, the more inspired I become so keep bitching ya bastards. I am going to be writing more that book and get it in the hands of the Chicago Sun Times -- so ya sure you want to strangle my career?